Carolina Will Win on Saturday

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There. I said it. We are going to win by 15. Yeah, Pomeroy has Dook winning by 6. Vegas has Dook as two point favorites. No way those diving douche bags are beating us though. Why? Well I compared the two sides using my JMP algorithm and it turns out that DeMarcus Nelson must end his career in Cameron like his good pals did. It is what those ass hats do, and DeMarcus knows that inside that he is one of them. I do have a good feeling about Saturday and I almost never have a good feeling. I’m not sure what that means but I can’t even consider another result.

Eli Kaberon writes that this is the best rivalry. ‘Noni Juice’ is not a sentence. No wonder it has taken so long for Tywon to get back. Is Marc Davis into folk medicine? Has Deon been treating his knee with aroma therapy? Anyways the Noni juice article has some pornographic quotes if you are into that kind of thing (Ed Geth). Too bad Jon Scheyer didn’t say it, really. Kelly Whiteside writes a plot summary. Frank Dascenzo features Wayne Ellington and mentions that :

Guarding him is not easy. Stopping him isn’t, either.

Further down Frank mentions:

The problem he presents is obvious. You cannot leave him alone and guarding him isn’t easy.

Solid Analysis. Barry Jacobs asks what else Psycho can do? Stay undefeated in Cameron! Andrew Skawara believes Lawson’s injury was a blessing in disguise. Does that make Ryan Reid a priest? Luciana Chavez notes that you can immerse yourself in the rivalry starting at midnight. Caulton goes with Dook and the green sweater vest.I suppose he thinks we could do it if Tywon was out. Eddy Landreth is pumped. I am not calm.

The Washington Times breaks down ACC tiebreakers. Premiership previews. Canes are rolling.




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