Four in a Row!

March 10, 2008 at 11:41 am | Posted in Ed Geth, Sports | 4 Comments

Carlyle Cup

With wins in Basketball and Baseball over the weekend, the Carlyle Cup will rest in Tarheel hands for the fourth straight year.  I think.  As far as I know, there are 26 points to be won, and with those two wins, UNC should have 14.  The Carlyle Cup website has not been updated.  However, we can thank UNC men’s cross country, fencing, field hockey, women’s basketball and men’s soccer for erasing last years tie and putting UNC over the edge early despite our men’s basketball loss in February.

I don’t know why people don’t care about the Carlyle Cup.  I think it’s an underappreciated effort to get people rooting for all of our sports teams.  Sure, in the grand sceme of things it’s not a huge deal, but I’ve watched UNC cart the victory bell off the football field three years in a row now.  The Carlyle Cup is yet another object of superiority for UNC to hold over the heads of all those whiny, flopping Dook b*tches.  I say we embrace it!


Go Heels!


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  1. Even wikipedia has filed to update! If they don’t update, did we really win?

  2. Also, basketball has not been decided yet, if Dook beats us in Charlotte they get the point.

  3. Are you sure? Money sports dole out two points each. In the past, when games split, the two teams share the points.


  4. I’m not sure. I thought if they met a third time having each won one then the points would go to the rubber match.

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