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March 12, 2008 at 9:08 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 6 Comments
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One day away from tournament basketball! Andrew Jones blogs a bit about Roy’s willingness to change things up. Roy fools quite a few into thinking there isn’t much behind the dag nabbits, but the man can coach too. I’ve linked to some of William’s innovations before, and I would not be surprised to see us continue switching against similar types of offenses. With less shot blockers this season, funneling everything inside and fighting through screens may not cut it. Roy has his weaknesses too, but next time he makes a mistake we shouldn’t flinch. His strengths far surpass any weaknesses. Tar Heel Fan has a lengthy entry on the significance of the conference tournament. Nothing wrong with a big cocktail party in my opinion. I suppose the significance of this year’s party is to make sure we get the #1 seed in Charlotte. Some believe we’ve already gotten that seed. Even with a loss to Wake Forest or Florida State on Friday we would be in the discussion. Dook could make an interesting case if they won the tournament, and I wonder whether it would be better for them to beat us in the final or to have us get a bad loss early. I suppose the former. I prefer Paulus getting more nut in his face on our way to the double.

I don’t like the rat but considering the (surprising) class the program and university showed on Saturday…he gets a pass. David Glenn writes that a ticket in Charlotte is hard to come by. This is good news for State fan who will have tickets to sell tomorrow evening. Everyone watched. England has 4 champions? Still embarrassing.

NCAA announcers for the first two rounds: (listed in order of my preference)

Verne Lundquist/Bill Raftery

Gus Johnson/Len Elmore

Dick Enberg/Carter Blackburn/Jay Bilas

Kevin Harlan/Dan Bonner

Ian Eagle/Jim Spanarkel

Craig Bolerjack/Bob Wenzel

Tim Brando/Mike Gminski

Jim Nantz/Billy Packer



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  1. To criticize Coach Rat for not wearing the ribbon may be petty but his defensive response was over the top.

  2. Maybe we should consider him a suspect.

  3. By the way, now that we’ve been linked in mcpaper….I’d just like to be clear that I’m kidding about the Rat being a suspect. Coach Kis probably not a murderer. Probably.


  4. Coach K is a republican fundraiser, so as far as I’m concerned there is a circle of hell reserved for him murderer or not.

  5. Also, you know what grinds my gears?

    I was listening to Taylor Zarser’s radio show last night, and some dude was calling in chastizing Roy for “not caring about the ACC tournament”. The dude was saying how Roy’s not caring enough about the ACC tourney is why he has had such little success in the post-season over his career, and why Dean Smith suffered the same fate.

    I know I shouldn’t listen to sports radio call in shows, but Taylor AGREED! What planet are these bungholes living on? And what jerk thinks that Roy’s not investing as much emotionally in the ACC tourney means that Carolina will underperform? Roy wants our guys to play their asses off every minute of every game. That doesn’t change against non-conference fish or the ACC tourney. So what are these guys talking about?

  6. So someone said something stupid on sports radio? That’s a first. And next time you hear John Williams call in, change the station to XDU or something.

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