I Don’t Love Reading The Same Article Every Year

March 13, 2008 at 8:58 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 4 Comments
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Bill Cole mentions for the 247th time this week that Roy “doesn’t love” the ACC tournament.

“Growing up here in North Carolina, the ACC Tournament is the granddaddy of them all. It means a great deal. And at the same time, we can’t put all of our loads in this basket because we have accomplished enough during the regular season that we know that we’re going to be playing after this week.”

I’m going to guess Roy meant eggs. Do you think Roy does his own laundry? Ammunition? Turds? Anyways….he is right. You can’t be having all of your loads in the same basket. You need multiple baskets for the multiple loads. Lights and darks, if you will. Um. OK. The thing is…I’ve never seen Carolina not try to win this tournament under Roy Williams. We won it last season, in 2006 we lost by three in the semifinals to Boston College when Craig Smith went off. Will Bynum put up 3o some points to beat us the year before by three. The season before that, Jarret Jack hit a buzzer beater as we lost by 1 or 2. Roll the ball out there and Roy will try and win. He just doesn’t want to mix his laundry and we all know the big load is still to come.

Scott Fowler writes a nice feature on the 1968 ACC Tournament. Greg Barnes notes that Lawson is moving forward. Moving > Not moving and forward > backward. Since Ty can move now he will also be starting. I’m guessing Tywon might just be back to full speed by next Thursday or so. Perfect timing, actually. Caulton pulls out his annual ‘ACC Tournament Matters More’ column. This year the ACC is not just awarding a bid to the NCAA tournament, but also lollipops. Who doesn’t love lollipops? Ken Pomeroy has a few conference previews and Carolina is the favorite. Carolina March previews the weekend as well. Tar Heel Fan thinks we will get round three……with Clemson!

Canes keep winning. The General in action. Cuba takes the point and runs with it. Maybe science is a paradigm shift.



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  1. Look, I have absolutely nothing against putting loads in baskets. I’m one of those guys who will put a load just about anywhere I want (check your freezer Kevbot). But I’m almost positive that Roy said “loaves”. I don’t know why he didn’t just say “frickin eggs”, but he said “loaves”.

  2. According to IC he did say loaves.

  3. Also, I think the N&O missed out on a great 1920’s headline opportunity. Read in your best newsreel voice, “Gimpy Guard Gets Greenlight”

    Oh, and by the way, jackie, have you seen the Duke University Flopping Camp application? Clevah!

  4. Completely off topic, but by following links from that article about the advantage of red jerseys(Sidney can keep wearing that jacket, but it ain’t helping!), I got to this:


    You should totally apply Dave. Look at the benefits:

    30 working days’ holiday plus statutory holidays, and 4 ‘customary’ holidays, normally allocated to the Christmas break

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