Heels Do the Double, Get Tough Draw

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A lovely weekend, eh Posse? The high expectations that have been tied to this basketball team since October’s first practice still seem to be preventing a bit of enjoyment. Roy says:

“Let’s be honest – I’m always going to have misgivings about this tournament. And the top three or four teams in the ACC probably always will. You play somebody for 16 games, and then you’ve got to turn around and do it again? And what does everybody talk about? If you think about our [2007] team, what does everybody talk about? That we lost to Georgetown. Nobody says, ‘Yes, but they won the ACC Tournament.’

Maybe this quote is just to let his players know that the goal is still unattained but holy f*ck, that is depressing. Hopefully there are three more lovely weekends to come, but surely we’ll always remember this tournament title. No, it doesn’t match the thrill of winning a championship or even beating Dook but winning three different kinds of games on consecutive days and demonstrating a business-like approach to the games was a very good sign. Danny’s failed attempt at winning the dunk contest, Tyler walking on water, Kyle Singler f*cking the pooch, the return of Carolina fast break basketball…these things are all worth cherishing. I hope we win six more just as bad as anyone (save the actual team of course) but if we do lose our last game this season, I will remember the ACC tournament.

The ACC has some terrible officiating and the NCAA has a f*cked up way of showing love to the number one overall seed. Tar Heel Fan is right. What are you going to do? The East might be tough, but we only play four of them (hopefully) and I can’t imagine the other 16 teams are thrilled about having to play in Charlotte to get to the Final Four. Indiana and Arkansas are certainly tougher than most 8 and 9 seeds, but at least we can expect Carolina to know they must play very well to advance. Sometimes a team without the reputation can be even scarier. Anyways, more on those games laters this week. We’ll play at 7:10 on Friday night. I set up a JMP bracket challenge. Group # is 75430 and the password is Ranzino.

Ben McGrath has written a must read feature/profile of Nails and I am going to have to subscribe to ‘The Players Club’. A very bad idea. Newsweek has been awful for quite some time, but this is a new low point. Seems like Dook was too emotional again.Premiership lowlights. Awful Announcing was busy. Corvo gets revenge. Tired of low brow bracketology? Try TNR’s piece on the moral crisis in sport. Not Chan Ho Park’s worst performance.


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