Why Do We Have To Prove It?

March 18, 2008 at 8:54 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | Leave a comment
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Shouldn’t we just be playing Memphis in Arizona or something? Clearly we are the two best teams and this whole idea of actually having to beat other teams to prove it is f*cked. What about Kansas and UCLA, you ask? Let them play is some meaningless game in Pasadena. They can even have a Pasadena trophy! Tennessee and Georgetown could play in Miami while Texas and Wisconsin play in New Orleans. Trophies for them too. Actually the other 56 teams should just play one game that is randomly negotiated as well. Trophies to the winners!

I guess we are stuck with this tournament. Greg Barnes believes Wayne will be the key. I think we just need to score more points than the other team. Roy is stunned. Meh. John Gasaway writes that Indiana and Tennessee got screwed. I guess that means we are screwed by association. Did the NCAA f*ck the little guys? 200th UNC is haunted article goes to Sammy Batten. Adam Lucas has notes. North Carolina University actually believes in the student athlete. Barry Saunders is tight:

Is the ACC that desperate to reach young people as a way of replenishing its fan base?

Not from where I’m sitting or sat. At eateries and drinkeries where I watched the games, hip-hoppers with pants hanging off their butts and Goths with black fingernails and colored mohawks cheered lustily.

You probably don’t watch basketball like Bill James does. Identifying the problem is not the same as offering a solution. The end of Sp*rs run at 4th? Phil is smooth. Carolina play at 7:10 on Friday and IF they win 3:45 on Sunday. More tomorrows.

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