ACC Did Not Deserve More Than Four

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It is all a bit quiet before the storm today. Barry Jacobs notes that the rat is upset about the ACC only getting four teams in the tournament, despite having the best conference RPI. Jacobs goes on to suggest that the ACC make a few changes:

Perhaps it’s time to consider some structural or procedural changes, too.

Unbalanced league schedules already have ruined parity and the notion of a level playing field. Maybe the men should drop to 14 league games, rather than 16, as the women have done. They could conversely consider adding two more conference games, as was discussed last year by ACC officials. An 18-game league schedule has not hurt the Big East.

A bit of tinkering with the ACC Tournament might be in order. The Big East plays its tournament championship game on Saturday night, prime time for TV, while theACC waits to play its finals on Sunday afternoon. If exposure of the ACC’s basketball product is important, then bolstering TV viewership is a consideration and the league should seek the best time to be seen.

Additionally, playing the title game on Saturday would give teams an extra day of rest prior to entering the NCAAs, and an extra day to savor and celebrate the ACC’s premier event.

I think Jacob’s proposed changes would be great. Still, I’m not sure that would have led to more teams getting in this season. Last year the ACC got 7 teams and I don’t think Virginia Tech had a really strong case for a bid this season. Maybe a balanced schedule would have aided their chances or maybe they would have had a couple more 40 point losses. Dan Wiederer writes that Lawson found his jets. Clearly the biggest factor going into this weekend is Tywon’s health. That sick crossover aside, we’ve seen little of the dominating pace and penetration (heh). We are absolutely going to need that to survive and advance this month. Bill Cole likes Marcus Ginyard’s adaptableness. Me too. Viv Bernstein believes Carolina is title ready. J.P. Giglio gives us the word from Vegas. Ken Pomeroy runs the numbers and Carolina has a 30% of making the Final Four. This is a good 10% lower than the other #1 seeds which speaks to two things. One is how strong the East is, as we also have the smallest chance to make it to the Sweet 16 of any 1 seed. Another factor is the Pomeroy ratings, which have us rated below Wisconsin. These numbers include time without Tywon and so that must be considered. Basketball Prospectus is very interesting but basketball statistical analysis is definitely a work in progress. Carolina March watched last night’s game. I agree with Tar Heel Fan’s first four keys.

Arsenal are too English. Protestant it is, then. Steve Phillips couldn’t even cheat well.

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