Everyone’s Favorite Announcer is Deaf…

March 24, 2008 at 1:13 pm | Posted in Ademola Okulaja, Basketball, Sports | 4 Comments
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to his critics, that is.

Roger Van Der Horst tries to portray Billy Packer in a somewhat sympathetic light, but you can’t shine a turd. 

He’s a political junkie who’d just as soon talk about a campaign as he would a season.  

My idea of hell is talking politics with Mr. Cash’s former pitchman.  I’m fairly certain he’s a right wing windbag.   

He collects art, with a particular fondness for Picasso ceramic plates.

From my limited understanding, Picasso was a bald dickhead as well.  But that’s not all he collects.

More than three decades later, in Seattle for the 1995 Final Four, Packer was scrambling to turn junk into jewels. During an open practice session Friday, Oklahoma State’s Bryant “Big Country” Reeves shattered the backboard with a dunk. Packer ran onto the court and started stuffing pieces of glass into his pockets. If the Cowboys went on to win the title, he could envision a $500,000 windfall in Big Country earrings, necklaces, pendants and the like.

That’s just pathetic.

Overall, he still comes across as a bitter old man.  Bitter his father wasn’t recognized as the genius he was.  Bitter that he didn’t become a head coach.  And uninterested that legions of fans despise him.  Still, this weekend’s worst announcing goes to Bob Wenzel during the Duke game; “HE COULD RUN FOR GOVERNOR!!!”.  What have ye wrought, Dickie V?  And by the way, how is Jay Bilas able to work for both CBS/ESPN? 


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  1. Packer is absolutely a conservative and that is why he and Nantz get along so well. Packer knows the game a bit, but he is the wrong person to be calling NCAA basketball. He treats the players like they are professionals and sometimes his criticisms are based on nothing but his bitter personality. He’s also the worst in sport broadcasting for harping on the same point. His David Beckham commentary was a perfect example of his willingness to go negative when in doubt.

    Most of those annoucers are not on exlusive deals and can work for whomever. (raftery, gminski, bilas, etc) The two bald elders of March are exceptions. Anyone hear Raftery’s double smooch?

  2. I’d like to see Beckham smack him in the face with a soccer ball from 40 yards away and then ask Packer if he thinks he’s “all hype”.
    It made me smile to think about that.

  3. many of the criticisms of Packer are over the top, but so is he when he’s trying to make a point so I guess it’s a wash. the guy does know the game (of basketball), but he uses a sledge, when often a tack-hammer would do. lol-excellent reference on “Mr Cash”.

  4. I’ve always pictured packer as 90% Take a Penny and 10% Leave a Penny.

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