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March 25, 2008 at 9:12 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 3 Comments
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Andrew Jones notices the team’s business like approach in the post game press conferences. I think they had that in Charlotte too and it is encouraging. The Washington State are slow articles are beginning to pop up. Howie Stalwick (yes, really) talks to a few Cougars ahead of Thursday’s game.

“Our system is a system that tries to give you a chance to compete against the very best, and we’re going to have that chance,” Bennett said.

“We’ve played against a lot of big-name players,” Low said. “I think we’re ready to take on this challenge.”

Rather than being intimidated, Low said he drew inspiration from watching North Carolina destroy Arkansas 108-77 Sunday on television.

“The more I was watching the game,” Low said, “the more kind of excited I was getting because I was thinking to myself, ‘Wow. We get to to play these guys, and this is our chance to face one of the biggest names in college basketball and the opportunity to prove ourselves.'”

It takes some balls to be inspired about the opportunity to play against a team that looked as dominant as we did. I’ll save my thoughts on Washington State basketball for Thursday.
Dick and Jay will be in Charlotte. Dick Enberg does a really nice job at Wimbledon, but basketball is a bit too much for the legend. Bilas is a douche bucket. Could be much worse, though. Roy wins his battle. Tar Heel fan posts a reasonable rebuttal to Basketball Prospectus’s first six months of work.

David Glenn has the answer for Dook fans. He does not go far enough though. Why doesn’t Dook have better players? How can the highest rated program in the sport not be getting good players? Is K missing out because Roy is home, because Dook have revealed themselves to be ass hats, because he is busy with other things? I’m just saying. Possibly great news for college basketball! Can a Posse member caption Paulus? I feel good about being on the other side of Skip Bayless. Dook dolls. Arsenal will rise again?



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  1. “Is K missing out because Roy is home, because Dook have revealed themselves to be ass hats, because he is busy with other things?”


    I do not think enough attention has been paid to the fact Duke has not shown a consistent ability to develop big men. Elton Brand was good when he arrived and the same was true of Luol Deng. Carlos Boozer was probably the only one that seemed to develop at Duke since Christian Laettner. When you see guys like Randolph and McBob fall flat on their faces at Duke it is a huge turn off.

    Roy ripping things up at UNC might be the biggest detractor from K’s recruiting though the Team USA stint is not helping he either.

  2. Perhaps wojo has something to do with it. Has it ever been appropriate to use his name and the words Big Man in the same sentence?

  3. You may have linked to this back in February, but this article from SI predicted Duke’s fall. Then again, it doesn’t take Nostredamus to expect Duke to lose early in the tourney these days. A lot of folks I knew picked West Virginia in their brackets.


    Loved this quote too from Deadspin resident Gooner’s fan: “Arsenal is now a point behind Chelsea, and I have to endure the endless taunts of the Gooner haters like Q calling me an “obscure jazz-loving, chef salad-eating, Montrachet-swilling metrosexual.” This must be what’s like to be a Duke fan.”

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