Will Thursday Ever Get Here?

March 26, 2008 at 9:10 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 1 Comment
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How can we work this week with a huge Carolina basketball game to think about?
An interesting read on how Washington State have become a top program. Tony the top Hoosier candidate? I do remember Tony playing for the Hornets. He’s a much better coach. Seriously though, I admire coaches that can go into to tough places and turn around a program. The Cougars hardly have the tradition of California, USC, Arizona, or Washington. Yet they’ve finished in the top 3 of the Pac-10 two years in a row. One of the reasons I respected Herb Sendek was that he used a very smart system to try and recruit players in an otherwise extremely difficult environment. How do you convince the Hodges, Simmons, and Costners to come to State over Carolina, Wake, or Dook? Herb found a way when the odds were against them. Dick Bennett has, albeit with a different system, managed to compete in a similar environment. Sure the basketball can be hard to watch when you are so used to the beautiful basketball we play, but there is quite a bit to admire in their program. We also might have a bit of inside information:

“Wes Miller, who was one of the great kids that I’ve been fortunate enough to coach, was in London this past Christmas and decided that he didn’t want to go back, that he wants to get into coaching. So Wes and I sat down and picked out several schools around the country that he would interested in watching them practice and see them play. So we talked and one of the schools was Washington State. And so I wrote Tony a letter, and bottom line is, they welcomed Wes Miller in with open arms. He watched tape, he watched them practice, they were nice to him. When you’re doing that for somebody else just as a favor, it shows what kind of character you have. I was really pleased with Tony.”

The Cougars better be ready though, because they have not faced anything similar to Carolina basketball. More on that tomorrow. Adam Lucas posts a new mailbag. ESPN has two nice features on Q and Danny. Ken Pomeroy has the latest Log5 analysis.

Baseball Over/Unders. Plaschke and Pierre….I just don’t find this funny. Good news for Bulls! Poland and the Nats play for no good reason. Canes get a point. Dook is lame.

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  1. I need a freaking time machine. or a pill that will make me sleep until tomorrow evening.

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