Larry Brown Returns

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I could blog daily about what NBA draft experts are saying about our boys, but basically you already know. All three have a legitimate shot at being drafted in the first round. All three have a legitimate risk of not being drafted in the first round. Perhaps I’ll just post those two sentences every day. Anyway, the big news this morning is that Larry Brown has accepted the Charlotte Bobcats job. This franchise is in serious trouble. Designing terrible television deals, insulting the local business community, hiring inexperienced coaches and general managers, and arrogantly expecting a city to support a league that has caused nothing but grief are mistakes that may not be forgiven. I do think this is a good hire, but it is probably too late. I have been unable to fall in love with the Bobbycats, but I am still hoping they can turn it around. Blue uniforms, changing Charlotte to Carolina, and trading Adam Morrison for $37 would be a great start. At least wait until Tywon decides, Bobby.

I taped this but have yet to watch? HBO never contacted me?  The Dodgers are going to the World Series. Maybe they just need a new GM? Turns out that it isn’t 2001 and trading for Shaq and Jason Kidd is not really a good idea. Who knew? (besides us) Congrats to Manure and now we must hope that the Scousers win. Trade him! A very bad idea.


More Obama + Heels

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Apparently this morning Obama played a little pick up with the fellas.  Let’s hope Tyler didn’t go all Psycho T on him. 

More coverage in the N&O.

But overcoming the likes of Tyler Hansbrough, the national collegiate player of the year, proved difficult for the 46-year-old presidential hopeful.

With more than a dozen members of the national press corps and several local TV crews watching on the sidelines, Obama took on the tough center, but missed to a resounding “ooh.”

“I thought I had one over the national player of the year,” the candidate said.

Obama kept up with the run-and-gun pace for at least five minutes before benching himself. When he got back in the game, Coach Roy Williams called a play.

“You’ve got the future president of the United States wide open,” Williams told his players.



Sage Advice

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Last night at the Obama Rally in the Dean E. Smith Center, Mr. Sam Perkins urged a crowd of 15,000 or so enthusiatic Obama fans to “wear the uniform of hope”.  But just before that he turned to a young man standing behind him in the stands (an unusual place to see Ty Lawson), waved his arm over the cheering crowd, and explained, “This is why you stay in school all four years”.

Big Smooth knows.  But will his message of hope reach the people?

Dream Team

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no time for usual lates linking. Perhaps tomorrow!

Good Decisions

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I’ll be a bit short on time this week, but I can’t imagine there will be too much to talk about. Tyler Hansbrough is retuning for his senior season. This is fantastic news and who isn’t looking forward to a fourth season from Psycho T?  Legend! Tywon Lawson, Wayne Ellington, and Danny Green will all take the pH of NBA aqua. None of the three has singed with an agent. I pointed out last week that declaring without signing an agent rarely changes the status of the player but with nothing to risk, why not? The NBA pays for everything, the player gets some unbiased feedback and has more time to make a very tough decision. Check out early positional rankings here.

Tar Heel Fan blogs about why Danny’s decision was a bit different. Barry Jacobs thinks Tyler made the right call. Til tomorrow.

No News

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And if there is news. . . . I’ll probably be too busy working for Barack Obama to blog.

Tar Heel Fan should have any news should there be some. Have a great weekend!

The Waters Are Not Changing

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Not much to blog about this morning, Posse. You know, I always used to just jump in to the waters. F*ck all that walking halfway in and sh*te. Much colder that way. Robbi Pickeral notes that assessing the water is actually cheaper. Roy Williams says that Danny Green has not been a part of the process. This is either very good news or very bad news. I’m not sure why he would not be, unless he was not interested in playing professional basketball next year. That is a possibility, but it is also possible that Danny is making his decisions with no help from Roy. I can’t imagine he would do that, so let’s just assume that Danny is coming back to continue dancing and embarrassing Greg Paulus.

The end of football? Was that Liverpool in disguise against the Catalonians? Sickening. I would believe this. Draft previews. Huge win for my Dodgers last night.

He’s Gone

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He’s give us so much over the last few seasons and so we just have to be happy for him. I wish him the best, but when you’ve done almost everything you can do at the university, why stay? Greener pastures await and I sure hope that supporters don’t begrudge him the opportunity of a life time. GOOD LUCK!

One of the main questions that might be behind the wait is whether or not ‘testing the waters’ can help a player or not. Roy Williams does not think so and I can only guess that the four gentleman are wondering if he is correct. The evidence shows that Roy knows what he’s doing. Look at this list of players who participated last season and then look at the draft results. Only one first round pick participated and Daequan Cook was projected as a mid to late first rounder before the camp and that is exactly where he was drafted. There are a few examples of players that moved  up into the first round such as David Lee,  Jason Maxiell,  and Jordan Farmer. Most players that play are either picked in the second round or un-drafted.  Basically, the ‘waters’ are not a variable.  I’m guessing that the Carolina way is to make sure that these guys don’t declare and then not get guaranteed contracts. In the case of all four deciding Tar Heels, that can not be done.

Dan Wiederer comes through with a behavioral analysis:

Remember the giddiness with which Hansbrough declared his return a year ago? Now contrast that with his staid demeanor at last week’s banquet.

It either spoke of a player finding it hard to say goodbye or of a kid struggling to figure out which decision will be best for him.

I’ can’t wait for the book on Pyscho T’s non verbal communication. I would still buy a t-shirt. Come on Thierry! Scousers score two! Dolphins are going to the Super Bowl. Eric….I’m shocked.

Dook-UNC has nothing on Aris Salonika-PAOK

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On Franklin Street, we might occasionally turn a car over and light it on fire. Not proud moments for the university. But at least there isn’t anyone in the car. I’m glad Reyshawn is OK. Aris and PAOK have a long rivalry that I thought was only strong in football. Think Cameron is a tough place to play, check out the Alexandrio Melathron. Keep your head up, Reyshawn. No, really.

Wayne, Tywon, and Tyler have Q-Tip’s support! I’m sure they are relieved. I thought Danny Green would consider his options too.

I don’t really mention much Carolina baseball here, but anytime Bill James makes his way into an article . . . I must link:

Sabermetricians like Bill James are convinced that a batting order doesn’t make much difference.

“There is no real evidence that batting order matters,” James has said previously. “What matters is having good hitters. Who hits second and who hits sixth…there is little evidence that it makes any difference.”

Maybe that’s true. Maybe over the course of a long 75-game season–or, in James’s case, a 162-game major league season–everything evens out. But sometimes baseball is a game about feel. And the feeling in Chapel Hill after Carolina’s sweep of Boston College is that Mike Fox has hit upon a lineup that seems to bring the right hitters to the plate in the right situations.

It is not VORP, WARP, or OPS. Baseball is about FEEL (Fraudulent Empty Easy Layout?). What is Adam talking about?

The current order is a bit unconventional, because it features Dustin Ackley in the leadoff spot. Ackley is probably Carolina’s best pure hitter, which suggests he should be in the third spot, the usual domain of a team’s best hitter.

But he also has terrific speed, a good idea of the strike zone, and is followed by solid run producers, which makes him a solid leadoff candidate.

Pretty unconventional to bat the player with the highest On Base Percentage first?…what? I’ll leave it there, because honestly I have not watched one minute of (ping) college (ping) baseball (ping) this (ping) season. It appears that Alex Keaton is doing a fine job, batting his guys that get on base ahead of the guys who can slug them home. If that is FEEL, I’m all for it.

Tar Heel Fan hears of rumors that Billy f*cking Packer might be fired. Also there will be peace in the Middle East. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but it just seems too good to be true. Chat with Joe’s intern. A hard foul.

Have a lovely Tuesday.

Poor Millionaires?

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David Glenn looks at why these decisions are taking so long. Six days left and not a hint from any of the players. Bobby Frasor is embracing the pain. Andrew Jones advises all in-state players to come back:

Selfish reasons aside, here’s hoping none of the state’s top college underclassmen leap for the NBA.

They aren’t ready and should avoid long-term mistakes in lieu of short-term profits.

Ty Lawson, Tyler Hansbrough and Wayne Ellington of North Carolina, J.J. Hickson of N.C. State, Kyle Singler of Duke, James Johnson of Wake Forest and Stephen Curry of Davidson will have opportunities to play in the NBA. Most, if not all, are potential first-round selections when they come out.

The problem with so many young talents is they often choose the wrong time to leave school. In a perfect world, especially for us hoops freaks, nobody would leave early.

But they do, and that won’t ever change. Neither will a yearly parade of poor decisions.

An aggregate of mock NBA draft web sites suggests that three of these players are certain first round picks this summer.

‘Selfish reasons aside’ it is never a poor decision to take guaranteed millions over more un-guaranteed millions. I think it is very hard for fans of the college game to understand that. Yes, they could improve their status, but there is plenty of risk in that.

Second-round picks rarely get guaranteed money and have uncertain futures. Former Duke forward Josh McRoberts was the seventh player taken in the second round last summer by Portland and is making $427,164 and may not have a spot with the Blazers next season. He’s in the NBDL but under contract with the Blazers.

Mcbob cost himself plenty of money by coming back after his freshman season. You should not just look at the reward without acknowledging the risk. Not only that, but Jones fails to point out that the real money is made on the second contract, not the first. Since most basketball players have a very short career, coming back is one less year of getting paid and delays the free-agent pay-day as well. Wanting them to come back is fine but criticizing any of these kids for making a ‘poor decision’ to play at the highest level of their trade is not. Tar Heel Fan has all of the rumors.

Getting swept by Jeff Bennett, Chuck James, and Jair Jurrjens is not a good feeling. Brad still has it, Kasey does not. The end of an error. That Suns-Spurs game was incredible. Chris Paul might be the best point guard I’ve seen play the game and Dallas is going to have to go zone and hope New Orleans misses. After watching some of every Eastern Conference game, I am convinced that Boston will not lose more than one game before the finals. P*ck Sean Avery. Klinsmann obscure?

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