What’s the Matter With Kansas Sports Writing?

April 1, 2008 at 9:00 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 8 Comments
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Rick Plumee writes an article that offends my journalistic sensibilities. You might guess (correctly) that would be nearly impossible:

Anger has festered among fans who felt jilted by Williams, even though he took the Jayhawks to four Final Fours, two national title games, won nine conference titles and carved out a 418-101 record in 15 seasons.

OK, I’d be angry if I lived in Kansas too. The problem here is that Plumee references the ‘anger’ a few more times, but does not get one quote from an angry supporter. This is both lazy and intellectually dishonest. I suppose it just does not make a great story to write that most KU supporters have actually moved on. A.J Carr also fails to back up his ‘way too easy’ article.

Scott Fowler profiles Tyler:

With Hansbrough, you never know. He goes his own way. With pedicured feet, a brain that can spew out bits of Swahili and a body that thrashes like a crocodile, he’s an odd mix.

He doesn’t care how it looks, only if it works. And boy, is it ever working.

Adam Lucas has mail. I watched the Georgetown game last Friday and at no point did I think back to last year’s Elite 8 on Saturday night. I had a lot of beer though. Doomsday? Tar Heel Fan has news and notes. Plenty of time to get the beers in on Saturday. Dook sucks according to Taylor King. Some good Kansas/KU sites:






Cash Cup previews. Canuck ketchup? Hurricanes are ready for the biggest game of the season. Harry Pooholes. Happy April Fool Day.


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  1. Go canes tonight. Gotta score at least two because you know Ovetchkin is gonna get his.

    *Wire related comment regarding the Wichita Eagle omitted*

  2. You’re really not going to let up with the Pujols jokes until he’s a Dodger, are you.

  3. We just need more photos of LaRussa passed out at a stop sign to pull off the Nomar/Pierre/Loney/Mattingly for Pujols swap.

  4. Last I checked Pruhauls were $19.95 plus miles for in-town use.

  5. Puhauls, puhauls. Dammit.

  6. I live in Wichita, Kansas; married to a Jayhawk; am going to the Final Four with my best friend, a Jayhawk who may not speak to me after the game, nor the long drive home. We know that going in. We won’t watch the game in public because we are scared there will be some drunk Jayhawk with a knife or a key to our cars. (My group is watching in a bar that is not open for summer yet.)


    And this Jayhawk is NICE! There are those who will never forgive Roy.

    Misplaced TarHeel

  7. Maybe so. I don’t get it though. All Roy did was return the Kansas basketball program back to one of the top five in the country. Any arguement that he left the program better than he found it and gave supporters plenty of wonderful memories. What is hard to understand about Roy’s decision to leave 5 years later? Perhaps I’m giving Kansas too much credit.

  8. I’m feeling you, displaced heel, and I appreciate the video link, but even there the people being interviewed failed to demonstrate any real bitterness. Now I don’t doubt that there are some NC State flavored Kansas fans out there, but I promise that there are not enough of them to warrant the barrage of articles we can expect to see about this mess.

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