Kansas Playing North Carolina In Basketball

April 3, 2008 at 9:29 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 1 Comment
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Can you imagine how many articles like this will be written tomorrow? I’m actually wondering if I can find 50 articles with tomorrow’s date that don’t just casually mention that Roy Williams used to coach at Kansas. A few savvy journalists are way ahead of the curve. Dan Widerer is aware that both Kansas and North Carolina have basketball players too. Greg Barnes writes about the defense being a key. Adam Lucas discusses the versatility. I understood the decision to play zone last Saturday. Green and Ginyard were in foul trouble and the Cardinal were getting to the basket too easily. It did not work but we might need to play some again for a bit on Saturday. Better. Things could get better, Bill. This team is North Carolina too! I still think the 2005 team was better. They made a lot more threes and played better defense. This team doesn’t turn it over as much but the 2005 team had FOUR NBA lottery players and this one might not have any. I do think the 2008 competition is not as good. Lawson is confident.

Since Bill Self and Roy Williams won’t actually be playing on Saturday maybe we should look at the Kansas basketball team a bit. What do they do well?

                  Offense               Defense
Raw Efficiency :  117.9 (  1)           89.5 (  4)
Adj Efficiency :  125.4 (  2)           83.7 (  3)

Luckily their special teams suck ass. Kansas have more good players than anyone else in the country. They may not have a lottery player either, though Darrell Arthur is close, but all seven Jayhawks that get serious minutes are incredibly efficient. With Arthur, Kaun, and perhaps Aldridge, the Jayhawks can really destroy most teams on the boards and are even better at blocking shots. Chalmers has been their best player in this tournament and he has plenty of help from Robinson and Rush. I like how we match up on the perimeter. If Kansas does have a weakness it is the three point shot and on occasion they turn the ball over quite a bit. I’ll be looking for that as I think we can force the tempo and cause bad decisions. Obviously, if we can get easy baskets in transition and have a decent night shooting from outside, Kansas will be in trouble. We have two common opponents in Davidson and Georgia Tech and ‘m just not sure you can take too much from that. I recognize how silly it is to say we have to play well, but um…we have to play well. I think we’re better than Kansas, but not that much better.

The ugly ties are working! Canes are one win away. Bilas has not written JMP to demand an apology yet. Nice of Bendtner to clear the winning goal off the line.

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  1. The media is supersly. Instead of talking about Roy leaving Kansas, they all talk about how everyone is talking about Roy leaving Kansas. It’s like the sports world’s biggest game of soggy cracker.

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