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I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with all of the stories being written about the actual game today. Maybe it was me who was going a bit overboard. If the Posse will allow a tad of earnest sincerity this morning….this is what it’s all about. A Saturday night in April. Kansas and North Carolina. Basketball. Religion. (works for Plaschke)

How many programs ever get to play in a game like Carolina will play this weekend? Sure, we practically expected this team to get here in October, but that they achieved those high expectations is special. I won’t scare anyone with more 2005 comparisons but this team is all Roy Williams. The program could not be in better shape than it is right now. It is worth enjoying the moment.

Quentin Thomas has been here before. Some might wonder about a player who’s Final Four experience is so….um….awful. Not the Posse though. I think Q is going to have to play in some crucial moments this weekend and that doesn’t worry me at all. Thinking about his career time in Chapel Hill is another part of what it is all about.

I actually did not watch this game. I was in a play and although I wanted to quit after finding out what else was going on that weekend. My parents would not let me, preaching to me that I had made a commitment. I was off stage listening to the game in between lines and it was so painful. I felt as if I’d cost them the game. At least I learned my lesson about commitment. I have not missed a meaningful game since.

Woody Durham talks with Roy Green Jr. John Kilma has a crush on Deon Thompson. Bill Mayer writes that we should avoid gymnastics. J.P. Giglio discusses how special Tyler is. Who in the Posse is not absolutely geeked to see Tyler play in his first Final Four game? It seems as if anything could happen. Tyler could eat Sasha Kaun. He could go off for 40. He could be contained by the Jayhawks. He could close his mouth. What it is all about, Posse.

Caulton believes the games could be classics. I never thought about that. I thought we were done with this kind of story. Sure Wayne is streaky, but I have confidence he’ll settle into his game early. I prefer the tomato based sauce on Saturday night.

Ken Pomeroy looks at what he got right and what he didn’t. We survived the March 10th edition. You thought I was going to make it through an entire lates links without mentioning that Roy used to coach at Kansas, didn’t you? If that was a compelling case, well…they don’t know what it’s all about.

Premiership previews. Match point for the Canes. I might try to throw some links up laters today.


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