Too Bad We Don’t Have The BCS

April 7, 2008 at 8:59 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 1 Comment
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We should be playing Memphis tonight and only the idea that you actually have to win games to advance to the championship game has stood in the way. Yeah… humor really, for this Monday morning. I’m not going to link about the game this morning. Not because there isn’t good stuff, but because I really just don’t want to read about the game. Maybe laters, but really Saturday doesn’t need any further analysis or recapping. It was 40-12. If a game is ever 40-12, the team that has 40 will almost always win. Kansas and North Carolina have a lot in common and they started Saturday night like we did against Arkansas a few weeks back. Did we panic? Sure. Did we play our worst basketball of the season? Probably. Was that all about Kansas? Yep. Down 13 (23-10) at the under 12 minute timout, I expected North Carolina to come out and play the kind of basketball they’ve been playing this month. We had gotten that feared 5 minute drought out of the way and were still in the game. Instead Kansas hit a layup and two more threes in the next minute and the margin was unbelievable. Soon it would be 40-12.

To blame this on any student athlete or on the coaching staff is silly. Kansas was unbeliveable. We gave it a great run and if Kansas would have found their inner-Clemson, we might have pulled off the most unbelievable comeback in NCAA history. Instead they scored on 6 of 7 possesions and that was even more impressive than thier fist half blitz, really. IF IF IF is not legitimate in an 18 point loss. They were the better team.

I’m going to wait until next week to look back at this season, because honestly, I know it was rad. Carolina basketball is one of the best things in my life. This season offered plenty. It feels awful right now though because I thought we were better than we probably were. (Sentences like that are while I’ll wait)

As for the always immediate discussion that follows the last game. Tyler might return while Wayne and Tywon probably won’t. My basis for this is that they would all probably go in the first round (though not lottery) and thus get guarenteed money. Tyler has said he would only leave if we won the title, but we’ll see.

Sort it out. When does the chat return? Go Kansas.


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  1. Thanks Heels for a great season. On the bright side, I doubt we’ll be seeing Roy’s ugly rainbow-colored “lucky” tie again.

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