F*ck Time Outs

April 8, 2008 at 9:01 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 3 Comments
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I barely have the strength to comment on this. Whenever we lose, it seems some supporters and journalists get mad and wonder why Roy does not call time outs during runs. I suppose he just figures that big time college basketball players know that they need to start playing better. They can, after all, see the scoreboard. You might call a time out to set up a play, but Carolina doesn’t run plays unless it is end game or the shot clock is almost expired. You might call a time out to get a substitution in, but there were plenty of stoppages and even two TV timeouts which did nothing to stop the run. If anything it appeared Self’s two timeouts during the comeback just made Kansas tighter. As I mentioned yesterday, the under twelve timeout was a stoppage that provided that opportunity to settle down that some people claim we needed. There was no settling.

Actually Derrick, I was happy to see Kansas win it. You see, last night, Carolina was already eliminated and so choosing between a classy program/coach and Calipari’s Memphis was easy. Also, want had nothing to do with it, ass hat. We out-wanted them 37-31. This can’t be Andrew Jones, can it? Can there really be controversy about Roy Williams wearing a Kansas sticker? When Williams finally accepted the job here, he said:

“I was a Tar Heel born. When I die, I’ll be a Tar Heel dead. But in the middle, I have been Tar Heel and Jayhawk bred, and I am so, so happy and proud of that”

Now what the f*ck is hard to understand about these feelings? I have absolutely no patience for any of this and am begging Carolina supporters to show some intelligence. I love Joe Ovies’s work, but as a State grad he obviously does not get Carolina’s basketball program.

Spring football game was yesterday. Carolina won. Did you see it, Cy? A report?

Ones Shinings Moments. College basketball > civil rights. Arsenal’s season on the line today. Nothing comes close to the pain of a loss in the Final Four, but just between me and the Posse, I need a Gunners win this afternoon. In one weekend, Juan Pierre has taken over for Matt Kemp, the Canes lost for the first time in 500 years to Florida thus missing the playoffs, Arsenal threw a chance to get back in the title race away, and Miami’s best player is doing this.



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  1. Well, people are stupid. Should Roy change his coaching philosphy mid-game? Maybe start shooting more 3’s or run a full court press the entire second half?

    Losing isn’t fun. But most seasons end on a loss.

    Ah, One Shining Moment. Couldn’t bear to watch last night, sadly. Missed a good one. And I’m glad Kansas won.

  2. I did not attend the spring football game but what I read of it, it looked like a you know, practice game. Yates threw some passes for the first time since his surgery but nothing in a live action scenario….As for Coach Williams wearing the Jayhawk sticker, good! I was cheering for Kansas last night as well.

  3. The fact is that Roy was out-coached by Bill Self. I don’t know how many times UNC was going to let Kansas run a high ball screen and post the opposite block. A wide open passing lane…then a layup or dunk.

    Roy made no in-game adjustments, and Kansas kept pouring it on.

    Add me to your blogroll under general sport if you would. I’ll return the favor.


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