Waiting On Some Good News

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Good morning, Posse. Still no word from Roy or any of the three players about whether or not they will return next season. It seems most are more optimistic than I am about this and I have not seen anyone mention Danny Green leaving too. Tar Heel Fan has a very good break down. It is kind of silly to try and guess what these kids will do, but what else can a Carolina basketball blogger do? I pretty much always assume kids will choose guaranteed millions as soon as they can. First round draft picks are guaranteed 1-2 million over two years. I’m not sure a year of seasoning (even cumin) would get any of the four into the lottery, so it basically comes down to which draft class (08 or 09) is better. I have no idea about that.

I would expect 4 Carolina players to test the waters and work out without signing an agent. Tyler might not even consider leaving. He has said in the past he wants to win a title and just about every feature mentions how much he loves college. Still, Tyler has to consider the guaranteed money too. It’s doubtful he’d make a lot more money by staying another year but instead risk an injury and delay his free agency. Finally, that title becomes much tougher to get if others leave…especially….

Tywon Lawson didn’t do too much to help himself with all of the injury troubles. Still, he’ll surely work out for NBA teams and if healthy could receive a guarantee that if he’s there he’ll be picked. If he gets that, he’s gone. He might not get that guarantee though and if he’s on the fringe he would be well served to come back and work on his set shot and defense. We need him desperately to bridge the gap to Strickland. If Lawson returns we are right back in the 2009 title mix. If not….we’ll have to hope Drew and Frasor can step up. I’m not optimistic about Lawson playing in Chapel Hill next season.

Wayne probably frustrates scouts as much as he does defenders. I personally think he’s a first round talent. Who knows what NBA geniuses like John Paxon think. Ellington’s situation is pretty similar to Tywon’s except he might move into the lottery with an outstanding year. He’s not limited by his size and the breakout potential is real. The difference between lottery money and end of first round money is significant, but not as significant as the difference between 2 million and nothing. He’ll be looking for that guarantee.

Danny has the biggest upsidely potentialness. I know he has not said anything about the NBA, but we have to consider him as well. If he works out for teams, I can’t imagine them not being impressed. Maybe he’s not even considering it, but I think he might be gone too.

I obviously have no inside information, but I prefer to be cold about this. These kid’s careers are more important than Carolina basketball. It’s not about whether we think they are ready and it isn’t about how they need to get better. We all need to get better. I hope they all come back and this isn’t like 2005 because none of these guys are guaranteed lottery money. All of them could come back. It is most likely that a few of them won’t though.

As a few of you know, I don’t just support the University of North Carolina basketball and gridiron. That’s enough for most sane people. I have to obsess about several other sides though. I’ll still have Carolina news when there is any and I’ll also probably make some up. For those of you who don’t know I’m completely and totally geographically confused when it comes to other sport.

Arsenal played well yesterday and so I can’t be too upset, mostly because I was expecting a defeat. (Pavlov) I can’t stomach reading about the last two weeks for the same reasons I couldn’t do it last week when Carolina went out. Too many stupid supporters who can’t be even the least bit reflective. Arsenal were long shots for the title and the goal really was to find out what we have and stay in top four. A lot of question have been answered and believe it or not Sp*s did not knock us from the top four. As for yesterday…we were unlucky and also not quite good enough. A microcosm of the season if you want to get Descartesian. I wish we had Martin Keown or Tony Adams in the side yesterday. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most gifted athletes I’ve ever seen in sport, but either of my Gooner heroes would have broken his leg for dancing around like that in the final minute. He best cut that out of his game.

Joe Torre has managed to completely destroy all my hopes for an enjoyable summer:

“I can’t concern myself with power right now,” Torre said. “We have to do more of making things happen. We’re not hitting. We haven’t been able to put things together.”

Maybe he means power as in the rate at which energy is transmitted or something. I’m not concerned with physics either. If he means power as in, you know, reaching second base or beyond than I think he should be concerned. You see, Joe, power makes things happen. Power is part of the puttingthingstogetherness. There is no defending that kind of statement when it is placed in the context of playing Juan Pierre over Matt Kemp. The Dodgers are a poorly run organization and unless Ned Colletti is fired by June (extremely unlikely) I’m guessing that a very bad trade will be made in an attempt to end this power vs. slappiness good vs. bad controversy.

The Dolphins are trying to save some money.

I’m feeling a bit sick now, but my therapist said I should let all of this out.

Chat with Joe’s intern? Railhawks picked 10th? Rays are too smart and Durham misses out. Pope going to Hell?


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