Is Thursday D-Day?

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Robbi Pickeral talks to Chris Monter about Wayne, Tywon, and Tyler’s draft prospects. It’s hard to find anyone projecting anything other than Mid First to Early Second for all three players. The article does mention that this year’s class is stronger than next year’s class. If that is the case than all three might have a shot at moving up into the lottery. That is probably a long shot. If that silly new rule about being 20 before you can enter the NBA draft were to clear the league’s player’s union than you really could see the players move into lottery positions, thus drastically increase their salaries. I still think they are more likely to go than not, but at least Roy will be able to make a legitimate case for staying in Chapel Hill. David Glenn also talks to some NBA peoples about the Carolina players. Thursday is the End of Season Banquet and so maybe we’ll find out something then. Probably we’ll be left to interpret their posture or choice of tie.

The Dodgers may never win again as even Sammy blew a game last night. Yep, we are winning f*ck all. I’ve never wanted to fisk John Rawls because, um, he’s brilliant and I don’t even completely understand some of his work. When given the chance to dispute an overlapping consensus though, how can I pass it up? Why baseball is the best:

#1 First: the rules of the game are in equilibrium: that is, from the start, the diamond was made just the right size, the pitcher’s mound just the right distance from home plate, etc., and this makes possible the marvelous plays, such as the double play. The physical layout of the game is perfectly adjusted to the human skills it is meant to display and to call into graceful exercise. Whereas, basketball, e.g., is constantly (or was then) adjusting its rules to get them in balance.
This is nice, but you could say the same thing about they physical layout of many sports. Mostly this reason is on very un-solid ground. The rules have changed in baseball. Designated hitters, smaller strike zones, raised mounds, etc.

Second: the game does not give unusua1 preference or advantage to special physical types, e.g., to tall men as in basketball. All sorts of abilities can find a place somewhere, the tall and the short etc. can enjoy the game together in different positions.

Even shakier. Size matters a lot in baseball. For every David Eckstein there is a Mugsy Bougues. Neither of those players were Great though. You need to be big and strong in almost all sports and certain physical types do have advantages.

Third: the game uses all parts of the body: the arms to throw, the legs to run, and to swing the bat, etc.; per contra soccer where you can’t touch the ball. It calls upon speed, accuracy of throw, gifts of sight for batting, shrewdness for pitchers and catchers, etc. And there are all kinds of strategies.

You use all parts of your body in every sport. Anyone who has played these sports knows that.

I think baseball is amazing but I’m very weary of those who would argue that one sport is better than the other. Most of those people are really not experts on anything but that one sport. Rawl’s last three reasons are spot on. I also agree with Rawl’s Original Position (I’m a pragmatist).

Good Day, Posse.


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  1. Obviously cornhole is the two best sports.

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