Hansbrough and Lawson To Stay

April 17, 2008 at 8:49 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 19 Comments
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I’ve received some inside information last night while  putting back a few Brooklyn Lagers. Tonight, both Tywon Lawson and Tyler Hansbrough will announce they are coming back next season! Wayne Ellington is on the fence. Unfortunately, I can’t reveal my sources, but know that this is very very solid information. Fact almost. Robbi Pickeral does not have my sources.

Dolphins win?  Tommy Lasorda a liar?  Anybody excited for the NBA playoffs? I have to say that I am.


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  1. Sources? Plural? The Great Gazoo and Snuffleupagus? Trying to avoid the blog’s inevitable return to it’ previous state of you whining about the Dodgers and Fins with only Hep, Mod and me paying attention? If Tyler and Ty return, I’m buying you a beer.

  2. Apparently JMP doesn’t have an anonymous sources policy.

  3. Would I make something up?

  4. Thank you for not answering that.

  5. […] Will Know Something Tonight?[UPDATED] UPDATE: Fellow Tar Heel blogger Jackie Manuel’s Posse is reporting that he has reliable information which points to a potential announcement this evening that Tyler […]

  6. Remember Posse….you can’t lose credibility you don’t have.

  7. Thin ice, buddy.

  8. I am waiting for the Ronaldinho to Newcastle post.

  9. Ed…. I just looked up JMP anonymous sourcing policy. Turns out we can’t do it. I take it all back. Unless Tyler or Tywon call me this afternoon to confirm this, I must retract the post.

  10. Henry to Spurs?

  11. different Spurs

  12. […] Hansbrough and Lawson To Stay [image] I’ve received some inside information last night while  putting back a few Brooklyn Lagers. Tonight, […] […]

  13. The didn’t announce.

  14. good call, moron.

  15. …not exactly your best call, bub.

  16. Uh oh, here come the tough talkers!

  17. Is this who G. Keith expected to announce: http://youtube.com/watch?v=phWv7l8Lm_A

    Maybe today is the day.

    Hey, Dave might be a moron, but he’s no bub!

  18. I can’t take this anymore!!!! Tap those sources of yours again and see if you can get some credible info. All these rumors are wearing me down.

  19. OMG you used his real name! OR DID YOU…..

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