Bubble Bath For Tywon, Ice Bath for Danny, and Cold Shower for Wayne

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From Chad Ford:

The best matchup of the night pitted UNC’s Ty Lawson versus Tennessee -Martin’s Lester Hudson. Lawson came in with the blue-chip pedigree but with a draft stock that’s taken a beating this year. Hudson comes from a small school and a checkered background, but he had wowed scouts and executives in the early drills.

Hudson’s stock looked to be on the rise while Lawson’s seemed to be free-falling.

Both players came off the bench at the 10-minute mark and guarded each other. The verdict was an overwhelming knockout for Lawson, who dominated Hudson on both ends of the ball. Lawson’s tenacious defense forced Hudson into five early turnovers and a couple of bad shots. Meanwhile Lawson kept pushing the ball and making things happen.

Hudson ended the game with four points on 2-for-6 shooting with five assists and five turnovers. Lawson’s numbers weren’t spectacular. He had 10 points, four assists and shot 4-for-10 from the field. However several GMs walked away impressed with Lawson.

“He came out with great energy and played like he had something to prove,” one GM said. “He kicked Hudson’s [butt]. I think he helped himself.”

As for the other two:

UNC’s Wayne Ellington may have had the worst performance of the day. He was just 3-for-10 from the field and had a Wednesday-high six turnovers. His teammate, Danny Green didn’t fare much better — also going 3-for-10 from the field.

Good to read that Tywon is showing what he can do. Poor Danny really can’t afford to be injured right now. Wayne probably just needs to relax, though ball handling is a legitimate weakness. Hopefully they’ll all have a great day today. Read more about the day here and here.

There seems to be some more confusion about what ‘testing the water’ means. I can certainly understand that. Is it an adventure sport? Is it a guideline for receiving matching federal election funding? Is it a condom examination?

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — The three North Carolina underclassmen here aren’t testing the NBA draft process.

They want in. They want to be all the way in.

Oh dear. They’ve all signed with an agent.

The problem for sophomores Ty Lawson, Wayne Ellington and junior Danny Green is that finding a first- or second-round guarantee before the June 16 deadline to withdraw from the draft might not be feasible.

Definately a problem…maybe they should see how it goes and then decide.

But it could be a gamble that all might be willing to make if they can play well this week at the pre-draft camp and then during individual workouts for various teams around the league.

So, they are testing the waters! They don’t want all they way in yet. Very smart of them.

Lawson, the most likely of the three to be a first-round pick, said that North Carolina put out a statement that the players were testing the waters, a commonly used phrase for anyone who decides to declare for the draft but doesn’t sign with an agent.

“But that’s not the truth,” he said Tuesday. “Everybody is in the draft to stay in the draft unless [they get hurt]. Comments like that are misleading to NBA teams, to say we’re just testing the waters.”

Unless-except on the condition that : under any other circumstance than.

In North Carolina’s defense, the phrase is part of the vernacular among NBA teams and colleges at this time of the year. And NBA personnel are smart enough to know whether a player is just trying to improve his name recognition or truly wants to stay in the draft.

All three Carolina players said they want to stay in the draft. But they’re also realistic, and that’s why they didn’t sign with an agent. They understand they’re not a given to go high enough in the draft to warrant skipping out on their remaining eligibility at Chapel Hill.

In North Carolina’s defense, they understand what the moronic metaphor means.

Lawson mentions he wants to go in the top 20. David Glenn writes about why that matters. Tar Heel Fan blogs on the the fans dilemma. It is a good post and we can all understand the conflict that every Carolina supporter is dealing with. I’ll be very happy if they all come back and I’ll be very happy for them if they are drafted. They all want to make a living playing basketball and none of the three players has done anything deserving of our scorn. Danny has taken some heat and I think that is ridiculous. He and his father have been honest and even if you think his decisions have been foolish (I don’t), they are his decisions.

This is just stupid. Flopping is no worse than it was in the 80s. Many are blaming it on the foreigners like Varjejao which is really a small step away from xenophobia. Nats were completely outclassed. Project 2010 is right on schedule. I love the grizzly bear one.

Green Has A Balky Left Foot?

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According to Tim Reynolds; Danny Green, Tywon Lawson, and Wayne Ellington are eager to find out where they will be drafted. The Posse can relate. Greg Barnes had a few questions for the three gentlemen and it appears Danny would return if  he’s not projected in the first round. Wayne mentions that he also is on the bubble and Tywon is ready to show that he is healthy. Draft Express has a report from Day One as does NBA draftnet.

I have to say that I am looking forward to the meaningless game in Wembley tonight. I understand that Jozy is busy with MLS. I have no problem with league football taking precedence, but why in Preki’s name can’t the league adjust their schedule to FIFA like every other decent league. Anyways, I fear a beating for the Nats. Capello can’t afford  a loss to the US so early in his reign. Plus,  those English tw*ts have to have a little bit of pride, and should be sore from not being part of all of the Euro hype.

FANNNTASTIC call. Ordering one of these right now. Sp*rs finally pass Arsenal. Ric switching teams?

If It Is Broke, Break it More

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So, O.J. Mayo makes a fraud out of college basketball and respected journalists write that the age limit should be extended. What?

Basketball is a great game, but the sport is fractured. We again were reminded of that when ESPN’s Outside the Lines reported USC star O.J. Mayo was paid thousands of dollars by an agent’s “runner” while Mayo played high school ball and one season with the Trojans.

I guess he’s making a case for getting rid of the age limit. No age limit = no thousand dollar USC season. Thanks for finally exposing this, Mike.

Would an increase in the NBA’s draft age minimum to 20 fix everything?

Goodness, no.

So refreshing.

There’s one reason I’m certain it’s a good move, though: Many agents think it’s a bad one.

Perfectly illogical. If (a) agents are evil and (b) agents like something than (c) that something is evil.

For too long, there has been no attention paid to basketball’s bottom line. In 1994, before the NBA’s introduction of a rookie salary scale essentially invited high school players into the draft, 19 percent of Americans identified basketball — college (8 percent) or pro (11) — as their favorite sport. Now it’s down to 8 percent, split evenly between the two. David Falk, who gained fame as Michael Jordan’s agent, believes the players association should recognize how the decline in popularity affects them and support increasing the age minimum.

What does this have to with the player? This logic is even more ridiculous. No one could argue that the rule is not good for the huge college programs or even the NBA. I thought we were talking about O.J. Mayo here. He lost a big pay day and now is being ripped for taking a tiny fraction of what he could have made if the league was not denying him the right to make a living doing what he loves, even though he is an adult. So Mike wants to add a year!

Roy honored for being a mountain man. Tony Barnhart seems high on our gridiron chances. I’m not shocked. Spittle the key? Hockey is a real sport. David Glenn blogs about what it takes to make college gridiron a real sport. Nats excited about three friendly beatings. DEAN WINDASS! I’ve known this for years. Very smooth, Princess Di.

Happy Memorial Day

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Big League Bound?

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photo photo

He hit 97 twice, didn’t give up a hit, and left after one. Word is he is pitching on Tuesday….for the Dodgers!

Zebulon sucks.

Green Prefers The Cannonball

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Dan Wiederer has some actual news about Danny Green. Danny Green Sr:

“Danny Green is not just testing the waters,” he says. “Everybody’s put that out there, that he’s just testing the waters. Well he’s not. If Danny is going to get drafted and we think he’s going to be able to get a contract, he is going to the NBA. No questions asked. Let’s make that clear.”

Apparently Mr. Green has been taking the metaphor literally. Danny is not testing the waters, but instead he’s testing  whether or not he’ll get an NBA contract. Oh.

The general tone seems a bit tense but then Danny Green Sr. adds:

“as of right now, there is no downside to the situation Danny is in. The whole idea of going to a school like North Carolina to play basketball is to try to position yourself to get into the league, to get a contract. If Danny can realize that dream right now, why not seize the opportunity?”

True enough , except that there is a downside if he passes up a lot of money by leaving too early. I think Danny will get drafted. I recognize that all those draft sites are not listing him and I imagine that this article is an attempt to get Danny’s name back in the mix. Now, those draft sites surely know more about the draft than I do, but in my opinion Danny Jr. is a pretty intriguing prospect. Once he finishes working out and playing in camp,  I think he’ll be seen as one of the top 50 players in the draft. In the end he’ll probably have a legitimate shot at being drafted in the first round and a legitimate risk of not being drafted in the first round.

Eddy Landreth mentions how long this process takes. Nice job poo-holes! Manure do the double. During the game, my boy Ed Geth and I were debating who we would like to miss the crucial penalty the most. My list: 1. John Terry 2. Ashley Cole 3. Cristiano Ronaldo, 4. Frank Lampard 5. Ryan Giggs That of course took into consideration Drogba and Shrek being off the pitch for various dumb decisions. England v. the Nats! I don’t think San Antonio is coming back from this.

Justin Watts A Tar Heel

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Congratulations and a warm welcome from the Posse to Justin Watts. Watts is a bull city boy and will suit up for the Heels next season unless Roy decides to red-shirt him. This does come as a pretty big surprise and it inevitably leads one to believe that at least one of Wayne, Tywon, or Danny are likely to leave. I think Roy is most likely just hedging his bets, though. We can’t get too carried away with assumptions about what the very late signing means. After all, there is still no news about Wayne, Tywon, or Danny. All three have a legitimate shot at being drafted in the first round. All three have a legitimate risk of not being drafted in the first round. With Frasor’s injury issues it would be very difficult to count on him and if all three left; Ginyard, Frasor, and Drew would be the only true guards on the roster. I love Will Graves, but I’m not sure we want him bringing the ball down tho court. (Actually, I’m pretty sure about this) To me, it is similar to the signing of Mike Copeland. I don’t know if it is better to use a scholarship to have guaranteed depth with little star potential or whether it is better to save it for a top 100 recruit. Roy does know though, and so there shouldn’t be too many complaints. Anyways. . .the last three-star player we signed out of Durham worked out pretty well, no?

She can’t be worse than Cleo Lemon. Spike Lee and MJ? Is it wrong to root for a riot? I did own a Mike Piazza jersey. Strong claim about the Eastern Conference from Basketball Prospectus. Have a lovely Wednesday.

Little Time For Blogging

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There is no news about Wayne, Tywon, or Danny. All three have a legitimate shot at being drafted in the first round. All three have a legitimate risk of not being drafted in the first round. Carolina March blogs on the silly gridiron post-season. Adam Gold interviews Roy Williams.

As much as I dislike Boston sport and also Kobe Bryant, the country can’t really take Sp*rs-Pistons, can we? Dodgers get bad news. Poor Cincinnati. Derby County’s season review. I’ve never been less excited about a cash cup final. This is brutal. The King had no helpNixicheck? Dolphins having another great off-season.

Stepheson Leaving

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AS Ed Geth mentioned this morning, Alex Stepheson is transferring. Most of the discussion on the message boards question Alex’s intentions. Is he really leaving because of his family’s heath concerns or is he leaving because UNC might have the only basketball program where he can’t start? I blogged a bit about this in January and it is very silly to question this decision. It does not matter why he decided that Carolina is not for him right now. The timing of this shows that Alex made a careful decision about his future and it seems to me any Carolina supporter must respect that. Best of luck to Alex!

Jon Weisman seems only half as frustrated as I am. Wesley Flagg is off the gridiron team. Tar Heel Fan has a new address. Great game last night. Let us stop with the Nique-Bird stuff though. First off, LeBron did not have any teammates being doubled, while KG was doubled every time he touched the ball. That Cleveland made it a series with the Celtics, shows us how good LeBron James is at basketball. Plenty of credit is due to Paul Pierce, but the game isn’t one on one and honestly Boston is better at every other spot and this thing went into the final minute of game 7 still undecided. If anything it was closer to Jordan’s duel with Bird. If Cleveland can find a few competent players to surround James with, they’ll be winning titles.

BWAHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHAAA. To be traded you must have value, douche bag.

Out of time, now. . . back to work.

We Hardly Knew Ye

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see ya

Good luck wherever you decide to go.  I’ll be listening to Tiffany all day.

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