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Some discussion of the ACC going to 18 games is always going to be had around this time of year. I’d be in favor, but I’d also be in favor of kicking out Miami and Boston College so we can play a 14 game conference schedule instead. Neither seems likely to happen. It is hilarious that some think more league games will help the league get more teams into the tourney. Lennox Rawlings has no idea what will happen with Green, Lawson, and Ellington. Will Tywon learn from AI? Draft Express has posted a camp preview. All three have a legitimate shot at being drafted in the first round. All three have a legitimate risk of not being drafted in the first round.

David Glenn has a brief preview of the upcoming gridiron season. If only we could switch some early games with some late ones. I have a feeling we will be much better in October than we are in August.

What is going on in the NBA Conference semifinals? The average point differential is ridiculous with home teams now 14-1 in this round. I was pretty much joking about a Pistons-Sp*rs final all season, but with the Lakers and Celtics showing some vulnerabilty…it could happen. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about flopping being even worse this season. Some have unfortunately even blamed football and the foreigners. I don’t watch enough of the league to say for sure, but it does not seem to be any worse than I recall. Players like Varejao, Ginobli, Okur, and Oberto are easy targets for those who claim the game is changing for the worse. People just seem to have forgotten Laimbeer, McHale, Stockton, and Rodman. It doesn’t seem any different to me. Besides if we want to put blame somewhere, maybe we should consider that Coach K is now in charge of the national team.

The Arsenal finished third. Overall it was a very respectable season from the Gunners. Of course, it is always easy to look back over 38 games and see where you could have easily made up ground, but 83 points was far more than most expected. Many were claiming Arsenal had fallen before the season and many will write that it has happened again this summer. Flamini has already left and now Alex Hleb is rumored to be leaving too. I think Arsene went into this season with a lot more questions than he has now. Many players have shown their class and others have shown their lack of class. If Eboue is still first choice at right half next season, I’ll be concerned. That said, I think a lot of people don’t give enough consideration to Arsenal’s massive debt. Now, remember this is the good kind of debt. We could have been bought by a yank tw*t who brought tons of his own debt to the club. Granted that resulted in a title both of the last two seasons, but it remains to be seen how that will play out long term. We could have been bought by a Russian mobster too and who knows if his boredom will result in bankruptcy. I expect the calls for more money and signings might lead some to buy the bollocks that Dein and Usmanov are spouting, but even if it means we’ll be behind Chelski and United, I’d prefer that Arsenal keep their current board and manager. The criticisms of Arsene are almost entirely down to his lack of spending, but we don’t really know how much he has to spend. I find it silly that some claim he has no interest in English players or big names. Obviously, he just doesn’t have the money for them. The less the club spends, the faster the massive stadium debt can be paid back and thus Arsenal’s financial position improved. He took this team to within four points of the last season’s champions and they bought Haergraves, Nani, Anderson, and Tevez. We drew with relegated Birmingham twice and in both games we were incredibly unlucky (bs penalty, Eduard injury, bs offsides). If I believed in karma. . .well . . . f*ck off to the coke league Martin Taylor. Anyway, I’m not saying we were better than United as we were not. I’m saying Arsene has us on the right track and he deserves our trust. If he does have money he’ll buy Ricardo Quaresma, Ashley Young, and Micah Richards. It is most likely though that he’ll find another Bacary Sagna type for much much less. Congrats to United…the c*nts.

Andruw Jones says f*ck off to the fans. Meh. A very classy athletic program. More sport? Til tomorrow.

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