Not Over Yet

February 1, 2010 at 12:41 pm | Posted in Basketball, Jackie Manuel | 3 Comments

Reading comments over at THF or on the IC boards is making my head melt. Are we really that spoiled? Look, that was a dreadful crap performance last night in a big game. I just don’t understand how the fan base can be so down on this young, struggling team. I am in full agreement with those that think Roy has done poorly and that Marcus Ginyard should be benched but I’m quite sure they are both doing everything they can. It seems ridiculous to turn on them, especially Marcus and Deon (unpaid college athletes) after what they’ve given us. These are our boys and we are one of the luckiest fan bases in sports. A few rough games and now these guys don’t deserve to wear the shirt? Roy Williams is a moron? Worst season ever? Pathetic. Why can’t we just try and get behind a team that is on the wrong side of the bubble on February 1 like most fan bases would? FFS, imagine if you supported UVA? Did beating State really convince some that we were one of the best 5 teams in basketball again? After 2004-2009 will we accept nothing else?

Virginia is a pretty solid team who managed to take Ed Davis completely out of the game. I think we should have tried harder to get him the ball. Three shots from our best player is absurd, no matter what the other team is taking away. It was one of those games where you can just look at the box score and see what happend. Landsburg was able to drive, we helped from the wing, they made threes. Perhaps we should stop helping from the wing and let the basket-drivers take their chances with Ed Davis and John Henson. On O, we have to find a way to get Davis the ball.

According to Pomeroy we are winning two more games this season. It is not over but we are down. Our beloved Tar Heels are underdogs. Can you get behind that? If not, perhaps you don’t deserve to have ‘North Carolina’ on your shirt.



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  1. Yeah! Come on spoiledypants stop crying and start yelling for your school’s players.

  2. I am not sure that the vast majority of UNC fans are saying anything different from what you are saying. Roy Williams, himself, might find that what you are saying, Jackie, is completely disloyal to a senior starter.

    Spoiled? Certainly, in some senses. On the other hand, I see very little of the win at all costs mentality and much more of a concern by the fanbase with respect to the terrible fundamentals and the ugly, ugly offensive play. It is not just a question of losing. This team is vastly underperforming by any measure and Williams seems even more shocked than the fanbase by the performances. Not good.

  3. Even as bad as this team is I STILL find it hard to believe we are inches away from LAST PLACE. The Tarheels….in last place?

    This team has no superstars and therefore must rely on consistent effort and execution from everybody who takes the floor. Unfortunately, our execution is miserable and the effort is consistently too weak to overcome our natural deficiencies. What’s going on, here? Did Roy recruit the wrong players? Has he somehow failed this team as a coach? This team has so many problems it is discouraging to even start pointing them out. There will be no quick fix, potentially no fix at all for this season. Problem is, this season is the beginning of NEXT season so we need to get things rolling.


    The quickest, most effective way to turn this team around will be for them to commit to playing defense. Our offense won’t have to be amazing if we can hold teams to less than 60 points per game. Especially perimeter defense and defensive rebounds. You have to start with defending your own territory. What happened to “take everything, give up nothing”?

    Let’s go Heels! And yes, all the Crybaby Carolina Fans (sadly, a great majority) can go bury their heads in the sand cuz I’m wearing my colors more than ever.

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