Big League Bound?

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He hit 97 twice, didn’t give up a hit, and left after one. Word is he is pitching on Tuesday….for the Dodgers!

Zebulon sucks.


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LOS ANGELES — What is it about the on-base percentage that a player like Juan Pierre — who leads the Dodgers in at-bats, runs scored, hits, stolen bases, triples and games played — gets knocked for not having his higher than .350?

Congratulations for batting first most of the season and also for performing poorly in EVERY GAME!! Most players who suck don’t manage to see their names in the line up every day. Seriously though, this opening paragraph doesn’t give Juan enough credit…he also leads the Dodgers in OUTS!!!!!!!! As for the author’s question…ON BASE PERCENTAGE IS KIND OF IMPORTANT FOR LEAD OFF CENTER FIELDERS MAKING $44 MILLION WHO LEADs THE TEAM IN AT BATS AND GAMES AND THAT ARE BEING OUTSLUGGED BY BRAD PENNY. Maybe. Possibly.

Pierre has been one of the most consistent players in the Dodgers lineup this season. He plays every day (395 consecutive games, which is the longest active streak in the Majors), makes diving catches in center field on a regular basis and steals second just about every time he gets on base, yet his OBP evidently isn’t cutting it.


He’s batted in four different spots in the lineup this season. When he’s hitting well, he’s in the leadoff or No. 2 slot, but when he’s slumping, manager Grady Little hasn’t hesitated putting Pierre in the seventh or eighth slot.

For Pierre, the criticism and constant reminders about his OBP is nothing new. In seven years in the Majors, he has put together a great resume including, a .350 OBP, but according to Pierre, it’s brought up every year and it’s always the same thing.

“When I’m hitting good, my on-base percentage is high and that’s just the way it is,” Pierre said. “The Dodgers knew that before I came here. It is what it is. I just go out there and play the game, and I don’t get caught up in all of this.”

Going for the jugular here…it’s not bad enough to go to my team’s website and read that Juan Pierre is not bothered about how bad he is….nope, Juan has to remind me that he’s always been this bad and that my team should have known not to spend $44 million dollars. That hurts Juan…hurts bad.

The issue with Pierre is that he doesn’t walk. Plain and simple, his OBP suffers because he averages one walk every 21 at-bats. On the season, he has just 24 walks in 510 at-bats, which is the lowest in the Majors. On the flip side, Pierre doesn’t strike out often, either. He has struck out just 32 times this season, which is once every 15.9 at-bats, making him the hardest batter to strike out in the Senior Circuit.

Well that IS one issue. I’m glad the author at least understands OBP…if not it’s importance.

Put those two numbers together and you get Pierre’s game. Pierre is a speedy, slap-hitter, who puts the ball in play just about every time he goes to the plate and when he gets on base, he disrupts everything. Since 2001, Pierre has the most hits in the Majors (1,329) behind only Ichiro Suzuki. Over that same span, he has stolen 368 bases, which is more than any other player in the Majors.

Sure, Ichiro beat him…but not in outs. JP owns Outs! Back off Ichiro.

This season, Pierre leads the Dodgers with 147 hits. He is fifth in the NL with 45 multi-hit games, he leads the Majors with 14 sacrifice bunts and he’s second in the Majors only to Jose Reyes with 50 stolen bases, and yet his OBP supposedly isn’t cutting it.

WHAT THE F*CK….”SUPPOSEDLY”…I thought you understood.

“He’s a disruptive force when’s he’s on base,” Little said. “The other team has to be concerned with him regularly and it disrupts the pitcher. The whole key is for him to get on base and that’s what we like.”

I am blogless.

Pierre’s lack of walks isn’t because he’s an undisciplined hitter. In fact, he rarely chases balls out of the strike zone and more often than not, pitchers challenge Pierre because they don’t want to give him a free pass knowing how disruptive he is once he gets on base.

Yep, they challenge him, not because he’s the easiest out in the lineup, but rather becasue they are afraid he will do the thing that this article admits he sucks at.

Pierre has a theory to why he doesn’t walk as much as other guys. He said pitchers know, first of all, that he isn’t going to hit the ball out of the park and secondly, they don’t want to give him a free pass because they know he’ll probably end up at second base, so to a pitcher a walk to Pierre is like giving up a double.

“I think moreso they know I’m not going to hit the ball out of the park and that’s why they’re not afraid to throw a fastball right down the middle when they fall behind 2-0,” said Pierre, who has stolen 18 consecutive bases without being caught. “What am I’m going to do, go up there and take all the time? I feel I have a better chance getting a hit than a walk, and the number’s show that.”

You mean having absolutely no power is harmful? What’s he going to do? NOT GET ON F*CKING BASE…THATS WHAT HE”S GOING TO DO. FURTHERMORE HE”S GOING TO DO THAT MORE TIMeS THAN ANYONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!

Compared to some of the elite leadoff batters in the game, Pierre’s .324 on-base percentage is considerably low. Reyes has an OBP of .375, Hanley Ramirez is at .392, Chone Figgins is at .392 and Ichiro is at .396, so the consensus is that a No. 1 or 2 hitter in the lineup needs to have a .350 or higher OBP.

Yes. These are good players and they….have….good OBP. I am beginning to feel like this whole painful exprience (article) has been worth it.

But like Pierre said, “It is what it is.” He’s not going to change his style of play. Pierre is one of the most exciting players in the game, and with the emphasis in the Majors on hitting homers and driving in runs, Pierre’s game gets lost in the shuffle.

Driving in runs…pfffffffffft.

Whether his OBP is at .324 or .350, Pierre will continue to do the small things for the Dodgers. He bunts, he steals bases, he legs out triples and robs balls in the outfield, yet he’ll constantly be scrutinized because he doesn’t get on base enough — that’s just the way it’s going to be.

“As long as you play this game, someone is always going to find something to complain about. For me, it’s the on-base percentage, just the way they say I can’t hit home runs,” Pierre said. “It’s almost like a catch-22 because the more I put the ball in play, the better chance I have to get on base. I know it’s been a knock my whole career. But it is what is.”

Indeed. I need a drink.

Ned’s Dodgers are done (and always were)

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“Oh, right…I’m playing in a baseball game.”

It is 7-4 Astros in the bottom of the 9th. Two on, one out, and Brad Lidge is in the game. Any Dodger fan still watching has put up with an average Brett Tomko start and the usual poor fielding and big opposition inning. Shea Hillenbrand is on second and Mark Sweeney is on first. Juan Pierre is up. I don’t need to tell you what happened but just for giggles he popped up 7 feet behind home plate and Mark Sweeney forgot how many outs there were and was thrown out for the final out of the game. Matt Kemp, who had earlier homered, was on deck. You’d think that I would be numb by now. After all, in just three short weeks, the Dodgers have gone from NL West leaders to having just a 10% chance of making the playoffs. Remarkable really. I managed not to get too upset about the Scott Proctor deal, didn’t freak out when the snakes swept us, or even throw anything when we were shut out by David Weathers, Aaron Harang, Bronson Arroyo, Mike Stanton, Jared Burton, Brandon Webb in three straight games. Last night…I lost it. Tomko, Proctor, Saenez, Pierre, Gonzo, Sweeney, and Shea were just too much for me to handle at one time.

Too much for the Dodgers to overcome too. Sure, the kids have slumped too and injuries to Schmidt (who could have seen that coming), Kuo, Furcal, Lowe, and Wolf have taken their toll on an overworked staff. That said, only three Dodgers have more than 15.0 VORP and the 3b (Nomar) , CF (Pierre), and LF (Gonzo) have been disasters. JP might be is my least favorite Dodger of all time. Its not just that I don’t crush on 30+ year old CFs who can’t get on base, don’t (EVER) hit home runs, and whose defense and speed are rapidly declining. It’s his moaning about wanting to play every day. He’s apparently never going to benched, despite being out hit by Brad Penny. Seriously. I’m stuck with him for 4 more years…..every day.

I thought this year’s team wouldn’t have enough hitting to compete and they don’t, but the kids are promising and there is much hope for the Dodgers next season and beyond…at least there would be if Ned Colleti was fired. His signings of Shea and Sweeney are SO Brain Sabean. The next off-season will be huge. We need a starting pitcher and more importantly no crappy -10 signings that will block the kids. We just have to hope Ned learned from the off-season of Nomar, Gonzo, Pierre, and Schmidt. The last three weeks don’t make me feel very good about that.

Dodgers Acquire Scott Proctor

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Wilson Betemit surely is worth more than a middle reliever who can’t keep his cool. Please….please…please let there be no more trades for the Dodgers today.

$44,000,000 over 3 years = -4.3 VORP

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Will Carroll in 2004 on Schmidt’s injury. Will Carroll in 2007.

Dodger’s chances of making the playoffs (not including the injury news) is down to 47 %.

At least we’ve still got Juan Pierre from Ned’s impressive offseason haul.

Heels beat Owls….advance to play Owls

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Game tomorrow is @ 2 pm too.

I just can’t compete…

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I may have to reconsider blogging.


Snake Pit?

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I’m all for gender equality, but the Arizona Diamondbacks have gone too far with their new logo.

La Russa Waits For Light to Turn Greener

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Eisner buys Topps

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I’m taking my first opportunity to post one of the greatest baseball cards of all time. The original 23 in Chicago.

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