We Hardly Knew Ye

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see ya

Good luck wherever you decide to go.  I’ll be listening to Tiffany all day.


A quick Thursday Morning Poll

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When you hear the name “Socceroos” do you think of kangaroos or Underoos?

Me too.

I guess vote in the comments section.

Sage Advice

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Last night at the Obama Rally in the Dean E. Smith Center, Mr. Sam Perkins urged a crowd of 15,000 or so enthusiatic Obama fans to “wear the uniform of hope”.  But just before that he turned to a young man standing behind him in the stands (an unusual place to see Ty Lawson), waved his arm over the cheering crowd, and explained, “This is why you stay in school all four years”.

Big Smooth knows.  But will his message of hope reach the people?

David Noel Waived For the Sake of David Noel

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He’s been tearing up the D-League, but opportunities overseas might find David Noel playing in Italy for the time being.  He was well loved in Milwaukee and is apparently welcome to return sometime down the road.

Sorry Sid

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As a reward for finishing dead last in the ACC this year, NC State will be banished from the ACC/Big 11 Challenge in 2008.  Turns out that the Big Ten just doesn’t have a team sucky enough to provide a fair challenge for the pack.

Time is Running Out!

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Get in on the ground floor, people!

Duke Flopping Camp Application

His jersey should say “65”

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 Because it’s retired!

Four in a Row!

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Carlyle Cup

With wins in Basketball and Baseball over the weekend, the Carlyle Cup will rest in Tarheel hands for the fourth straight year.  I think.  As far as I know, there are 26 points to be won, and with those two wins, UNC should have 14.  The Carlyle Cup website has not been updated.  However, we can thank UNC men’s cross country, fencing, field hockey, women’s basketball and men’s soccer for erasing last years tie and putting UNC over the edge early despite our men’s basketball loss in February.

I don’t know why people don’t care about the Carlyle Cup.  I think it’s an underappreciated effort to get people rooting for all of our sports teams.  Sure, in the grand sceme of things it’s not a huge deal, but I’ve watched UNC cart the victory bell off the football field three years in a row now.  The Carlyle Cup is yet another object of superiority for UNC to hold over the heads of all those whiny, flopping Dook b*tches.  I say we embrace it!


Go Heels!

Jay Bilas Quote of the Game

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 “Looks like he gave a bit of a walk there, but he was dribbling so they didn’t call it”

 Yes, Jay, if it hadn’t been for that whole bouncing the ball thing, he totally would have been called for the travel.  Top notch commentating.

Ryan Reid will F you up.

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Captain Thuggerton

Not content to demonstrate his borderline criminal style of play by taking Ty Lawson out of the game and almost doing the same to Tyler Hansbrough, Ryan Reid was ejected from the FSU-Wake Forest game last night for punching Chas McFarland in the chest.   I have but one thing to say about this.

 Ryan, work on that.  If you’re trying to be a gametime thug, take some lessons from Joey Barton and consider props.

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