Ryan Reid will F you up.

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Captain Thuggerton

Not content to demonstrate his borderline criminal style of play by taking Ty Lawson out of the game and almost doing the same to Tyler Hansbrough, Ryan Reid was ejected from the FSU-Wake Forest game last night for punching Chas McFarland in the chest.   I have but one thing to say about this.

 Ryan, work on that.  If you’re trying to be a gametime thug, take some lessons from Joey Barton and consider props.


Key to Spurs victory: Al Dente!

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The recent Spurs revival is not just the result of superior tactics and effort according to coach Juande Ramos, but due also to solid home ec. skills.

“Every player has been given an individual diet. We knew that it was necessary.”

Dr Escribano’s instructions cover the preparation of menus and guidelines on what the team are allowed to eat and drink at home as well as when they are at away fixtures.

The directives include a strict time limit on for how long spaghetti should be boiled, which 20 rice sauces are banned and the dozen central ingredients in the players’ salads. 

I’d also suggest they avoid lasagna




Ed Geth is Happy

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Kevin Keegan 

 Will Kevin Keegan salvage a most disappointing year?  Magpie fans are eager to find out!  This Magpie fan is excited.  Not a moment too soon.

The (Nicky) BUTT of EPL jokes

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This blog entry says it all.  I find it hard to contain my frustration.  Every team for which I cheer has a long history of strong wills and heart.  It’s what I look for when deciding whom to support.  Newcastle have that kind of history, but the present is different.

You can try to tell me that it’s injuries or poor defense or lack of distributing midfielders or whatever in an effort to analyze the problem with the hair-pies, but let’s be honest.  Failing to get three points from Derby in two games and allowing Titus Bramble of all people to show you up, that’s just mysterious.  There’s no logic there.  No way to wrap your head around it.

 If I were actually a geordie, I might have sawed off an appendage by now.  Just out of sheer frustration.  And it is masochism that has me coming back over and over again to watch the Keystone Kops picture that is a Newcastle match.

Dear Newcastle

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Separated at birth?

Why do you make me want to hate you so much?

Sp*rs Announce New Shirt Sponser

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Jackie Manuel tip to BS poster Lanesra 

Premiership Preview: Jackie’s Final Table

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1. Chelsea

2. Manchester United

3. Arsenal

4. Liverpool

5. Aston Villa

6. Tottenham

7. Newcastle

8. Manchester Citeh

9. West Ham

10. Reading

11.  Blackburn

12.  Everton

13.  Birmingham

14.  Pompey

15.  Bolton

16. Fulham

17. Sunderland

18. Middlesbrough

19. Derby County

20. Wigan

Premiership Preview: Manchester United

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Hey Ginger…where are the pictures?

Interesting Wikipedia Fact:

On 13 May 2005, American businessman Malcolm Glazer acquired a controlling interest in the club through his investment vehicle Red Football Ltd. in a takeover valuing the club at approximately £800 million (approx. $1.5 billion). On 16 May, he increased his share to the 75% necessary to de-list the club from the Stock Exchange, making it private again, and announced his intention to do so within 20 days. On 8 June he appointed his sons to the Manchester United board as non-executive directors.

In July 2006, the club announced a refinancing package. Previously the debt taken on by the Glazers to financing the club was split between the club and the family, but now it will all be in the club. The total amount will be £660 million, on which interest payments will be £62 million a year. This is a 30% reduction in interest charges.

Jackie’s Club History: Manchester f*cking United….the Yankees of the premiership. Ugh. First I hated David Beckham and Jaap Stam. Then Roy Keane. The commie brothers, Ryan Giggs, Barthez….ugh. They’ve been the main threat to Arsenal for my most of my time as a supporter and just the sight of United makes me unhappy. They do play good football though.

Worst Kit :


Fantasy: Cristiano Ronaldo is the new Henry. You’ve got to have him, despite his high price. Shrek and VDS will be valuable when the match-up is right. Tevez seems the best value, if you can judge when the right time to invest is. Saha’s amazing start last year has been forgotten, but he’s affordable too. The D seems a bit shaky, but Evra and Vidic are decent buys.

Best and Worst Possible Finish: 1st and 4th-I thought there was a chance United could really slip last year. RVN was gone and we wondered who would score the goals?  Instead Scholes and Giggs played lke it was 1999, C-Ron turned into the best player in the league, and Louis Saha was the best striker for the frst two months. The D was solid enough for a team that just played extremely attractive all-attack football. Now they have Tevez, some talented youngsters  and a center mid who can actually tackle. Could there be some chemistry problem? Sure, but that much talent will most likely figure itself out. United should be right with Chelsea all season.

Premiership Preview: Chelsea

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Will he still love me tomorrow?

Interesting Wikipedia Fact: During the 1970s and 1980s in particular, Chelsea supporters were long associated with football hooliganism. The club’s “football firm“, known as the Chelsea Headhunters, became nationally notorious for violent acts against hooligans from other teams, such as West Ham United‘s Inter City Firm and Millwall‘s Bushwhackers, both during and after matches.[38] The increase in hooliganism in the 1980s led chairman Ken Bates to propose an electric fence to deter them from invading the pitch; the proposal was rejected by the GLC.[39] Chelsea’s hooligan element were revealed to have links with neo-nazi groups such as Combat 18, and other far-right or racist organisations including the British National Party.[40] Since the 1990s there has been a marked decline in crowd trouble at matches, as a result of stricter policing, CCTV in grounds and the advent of all-seater stadia.[41]

Jackie’s Club Knowledge: Zola and Poyet were impossible to dislike as was the Tin Man. They used to play good football (albeit unsuccessful) despite having a few c*nts like Le Saux and Dennis Wise. All in all I didn’t really mind the Blues until they signed fatpard. Of course now they play suck negative ruthless football that I almost wanted United to pip them to the title last season. F*ck Chelsea.

Worst Kit:


Fantasy: Drogba is the best stiker in the league. He’ll surely be above Jose’s rotation. Ashley Cole is expensive, but worth 6-12 points a week. Ben Haim might be the Blue’s best value, though Ballack is cheap too and can’t play as badly as last season. Lamps is usually fantasy gold, but he’s priced that way. Cech might be worth the high price this season. Keep an eye on Sheva and Kalou as both a moderately and capable of big season. All in all you should pretty much always have one or two Chelski players. Suck it up.

Best and Worst Possible Finish: 1st and 4th-It would take a real injury crisis and more tension between Abromabitch and Moaninho for Chelsea to end up anwhere but the top two. They have Cech back and I honestly think he adds 5-1o points over Cudicini and 15-20 over most keepers. I also think it was prudent not to spend big again this summer and the squad seems to be the right size. As long as Essien, Terry, and Drogba play 35 games the Blues will be champions.

Premiership Preview: Liverpool

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Will Rafa continue to rotate the 45 man squad?

Interesting Wikipedia Fact:

The song “You’ll Never Walk Alone“, originally from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousel and famously recorded by Liverpool musicians Gerry & The Pacemakers, is the anthem of Liverpool FC and has been sung by the Anfield crowd since the early 1960s.The song has since gained popularity among the fans of other clubs around the world. Claims that “You’ll Never Walk Alone” was first sung by fans at other clubs have been dismissed as very unlikely.[48] The song’s title adorns the top of the Shankly Gates which were unveiled 26 August 1982 in memory of former manager, Bill Shankly. The “You’ll Never Walk Alone” banner portion of the Shankly Gates is also reproduced in the Liverpool FC crest. The Boot Room was also an important part of Liverpool’s history and club culture.

Liverpool fans, singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, were featured in the Pink Floyd song, “Fearless“. Other popular chants include “Fields of Anfield Road” (to the tune of “The Fields of Athenry“), “Scouser Tommy” (first section to the tune of “Red River Valley; second section to the tune of The Sash“) and “Liverbird Upon My Chest” (to the tune of “Ballad of the Green Berets“).[49]

Jackie’s Club Knowledge: After Michael Owen’s two goals in the 2001 FA Cup Final I’ve never cared too much for Liverpool. I guess they owed us from 1989. I remember Robbie Fowler being very good and people thinking Emile Heskey was very good. The Scousers are rabid supporters and the only die hard Liverpool fan I know well is a crazy Irish chick who told me Arsenal were a bunch of French fairies.

Worst Kit:

Fantasy: Plenty of talent at Anfield. Reina, Gerrard, and Carragher are really the only ones that should play most weeks. If the news comes out about whose playing than Kuyt, Torres, Voronin, Crouch, Babel, Pennant, Gonzalez, Alonso, Benayoun, Kewell, Risse, Aurelio, Agger,and Finnan can all put up points. Surely a few of those will become league regulars right? Play Liverpoo roulette at your own risk.

Best and Worst Possible Finish: 2nd and 4th- Liverpool should close the gap this season. With so much attacking talent, the reds should be able to rip apart most mid table teams. Still you have to wonder if all of the rotation will end up costing the Scousers. I’m also not convinced that the back four are title material. They conceded only 27 goals last season, but considering their style of play that’s not completely impressive. Many are tipping Liverpool for a title run, but I’d bet on another battle for third.

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