Help Pack Football Player Start his New Career?

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Is his new career furniture salesman?

Too Soon?

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On the bright side, maybe we could get a new star lineperson out of this.

Is Mark Duper next?

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F*CK ME! It is bad enough that the 1972 Dolphins are everywhere, embarrassing themselves and the franchise with their toast o schadenfreude. Now Danny Marino is giving his take.

Marino: ‘The only way they can go is up’

Thank you, Assocuated Press. The statement is not really true but the article sure makes me feel that way.


Ric’s Playoff System for College Football

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Okay, to make up for Dave’s slackness, here’s something to chew on. We all know that college football is in chaos because it relies on the same system as ice skating to determine it’s champion. Here’s my solution.

You take the winners of each of the BCS conferences as well as two at large bids. You then seed them(I used BCS rankings to seed them). There are many ways they could be seeded, which would be what the arguments would be about. This is roughly the way it would look for this year.

ACC Representative: Virginia Tech 3rd Seed/3rd Seed

Big Ten: Ohio State 1st Seed/ 1st Seed

Big 12: Oklahoma 4th Seed/4th Seed

SEC: LSU 2nd Seed/2nd Seed

Pac-10:USC 5th Seed or 7th Seed

Big East: West Virginia 6th seed or 8th Seed

At-Large bid:Georgia 7th Seed or 5th Seed

At-Large bid:Missouri 8th Seed or 6th Seed

You get rid of the bull shit 12th regular season game. You can still let the rest of .500 and above teams play in the Krusty Burger Sandwich Bowl. You have 7 games in the playoffs that can be held at the various traditional BCS bowl sites (Rose, Sugar, Fiesta, Orange) plus a few others that could garner some serious dough. Sure, Hawai would be whining. But if you win all your games and you’re still only ranked 10th in the country, well, tough fucking luck. At least you’re in Hawai and you can cry in your tropical, girly drink.

Thanks. Give me my sack of money.

Week #10-N.C. State

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O/U on years as State coach: 2.5

North Carolina State University

Ah…State week. No matter how bad both programs are, this game is always the high point of the season. When you look at Chuck Amato’s North Carolina State teams, you could argue that he achieved reasonable success outside of beating North Carolina. The last two years were disappointing, but considering State’s pitiful gridiron history, well…Chuck Amato’s reign was a high point. Not beating North Carolina, something State has mastered over the years, however, just drives their supporters crazy. I’m not saying the rivalry doesn’t mean anything to us but I do advise pretending this when dealing with a Pack supporter. Honestly, the John Bunting era would be looked upon as a complete disaster were it not for some big wins over the Pack. Both new coaches are taking a different view of the game….talking respectfully of the other coach and program.

But what Davis and O’Brien will do is prepare their respective teams to the best of their ability, as well as put a product on the field that both fan bases will be proud of – after all, that’s the reason these two men were hired in the first place. While this rivalry will always ignite tension-filled arguments through various media outlets across this state, it’s nice to know that the UNC and NCSU football programs finally reside in hands that are able to eventually make this matchup important on the national level.

That remains to be seen…but yeah perhaps it would be good if this rivalry were not the high point of the season. Until then though…..we better beat State.

Keys to the Game:

1. Score more points.

2. Protect the QB, Attack theirs. I might just leave this one permanently too. Both offensive lines have struggled a bit recently. With the lunatic fringe making plenty of noise, we’ll need to give Yates time.

3. Win the game with our D. Can we make it two in a row?

Info: 12:00 R-LFN, UNC is favored by 3.5

Prediction: UNC 16-17 NCSU

Week #9 – MARYLAND

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University of Maryland

The season has a bit of a different feel to it after last week’s disappointment, but there is still a chance to have a pretty decent season. For that to happen, we’ve absolutely got to beat the fat guy on Saturday. Last time we played the Terps, we came up just short and we have not beaten Maryland since 2000. They were embarrassed by Clemson at home last week after Ralph accidentally guaranteed expected a win, so both teams have something to prove or, um, disprove.

Keys to the Game:

1. Score more points.

2. Figure out pass protection. I’m don’t have any idea exactly what happened, but T.J. has had little time to find anyone recently. Clemson just ran the ball down Maryland’s throat, but I doubt we will be able to do that. I think we do have the talent to move the ball through the air, but the last few weeks are very concerning….especially considering Erin Henderson will be on the other side of the line.

3. Win the game with our D. The Terps have injuries on their offensive line and will probably try and establish the run early. We’ve got to continue the progress and see if the defense can win a game for us for the first time in years.

Info: 3:45 ESPNU, UNC is favored by 2

Prediction: UNC 24-21 Maryland


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Not even Deacon Carroll could have imagined Wake’s gridiron team winning the ACC.

Wake Forest University

It really is hard to believe that Wake Forest won the ACC championship last season. I wonder what kind of odds you could have gotten on them in August of 2006? Of course it is a bit of indictment on the Heels and the rest of the ACC. If Wake can do it with all of their handicaps (private school/tough admissions/same small recruiting pool) than why can’t we? I definitely think that Wake’s success helped end both Bunting and Amato’s tenure. This year’s Demon Deacons got off to a slow start but they have won 4 in a row and if you take a peak at their schedule and then Boston College’s schedule, you realize that they are in the mix for a repeat. Granted the Russian judge thinks BC is too good to lose to anybody but Ohio St. right now…but you just never know. The BCS might have been wrong before. So can the Heels get four more yards and ruin the family’s weekend?

Keys to the Game:

1. Score more points.

2. Play to our strength. It just so happens that Wake has struggled a bit defending the pass and the Heels must give T.J. some time to find his receivers.

3. Make Riley Skinner beat us with his arm. The kid can throw, but if we can’t stop the run we’ll be leaving Winston Salem with a L.

Info: 12:00 Raycom/LF (WRAL), WF is favored by 5.5

Prediction: First road win of the season. UNC 30-26 WFU


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Cock Rock?

University of South Carolina

I promise not to make any Smelly cock references from this point forward. South Carolina is reasonably good at gridiron, and so the state basically has that and crystal meth on us. I’ve never had anything but pity in my heart for the Gamecocks. Honestly, the university has a wellness center named after Strom Thurmond and their mascot is both a penis and a reference to illegal animal cruelty. If you’ve ever been to Columbia, you probably feel similarly. Then, the university hired one of the most repulsive f*cktards in the sporting world. Now they can take their unrealistic dreams and f*ck off. They’ll always be the real Carolina’s bitch and the laughing stock of our country. This game means a lot with that dildo involved.

Keys to the Game:

1. Score more points.

2. Leave it on the field. I don’t even know what that really means, but I heard Cam Cameron say it last week. We may not win the battle, but a respectable showing could help us win the war. They might be a better team and Spurrier might be a gridiron genius, but we’ve got god karma good intentions smurf power Cooter on our side and that counts for something. At any rate, there will most likely be quite a few Gamepricks in the stands and so our supporters need to leave it all in the stands…or something.

3. They ARE starting some freshmen too and perhaps we can get back to moving the ball well through the air. To do that we’ll need the best performance of the season from our offensive line. SC gets good pressure on the QB and if Yates doesn’t have time we’ll be in for a long afternoon.

Info: 3:30 ABC (WTVD), SC is favored by 7

Prediction: I’d love nothing more to see the ol ball c*nt leave Chapel Hill with a loss. Seems unlikely though. USC 29-13 UNC

Game #6- MIAMI

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University of Miami

Miami only  beat Dook by 10 at home last week….and they are still the best football team in Miami.

Key to the Game:

1. Score more points.

Info: 12:00 ESPN2, Miami is favored by 6.5

Prediction: Miami 20-21 UNC


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Is this legal in Virginia?

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

I’m guessing this Carolina team won’t be the first since 1906 to win in Blacksburg. The Hokies may not be the dominant side they’ve been over the past for years, but there is still plenty of talent. Virginia Tech beat ECU at home by 10, and then was destroyed by LSU in Baton Rouge. Since then, they’ve taken out their frustrations on Ohio and both William & Mary. Tech is taking a lot of heat for their lack of a running game and they’ll surely look to get up early and then work on that. Our expectations have fallen dramatically after last week and I imagine that will help the Heels focus on their tough task. If we play well we could put a scare into the Hokie Pride World Wide.

Keys to the Game:

1. Score more points.

2. Protect the QB. T.J is going to be seeing quite a few blitzes on Saturday. Last season we threw 4 interceptions against the Hokies and turnovers would end this one pretty quickly. Still we’ll likely struggle running the ball and this team will win or lose games on the young arm of T.J. Yates. Our line has to give him some time or it will be a very long afternoon.

3. Hang in it early. We were down 14-0 before I could blink last weekend in Tampa. IF we fall behind by more than a TD against Virginia Tech in Blacksburg we’ll be coming home 1-4

Info: 12:00 WRAL, VT is favored by 18

Prediction: VT 21-10 UNC

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