It was a very good year.

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Over at they have a video of this season’s highlights.  The overuse of mediocre alt rock for accompaniment is a tad dissapointing, but overall it’s a good look back at was really a very enjoyable season.   Once again, thanks fellas, especially QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ!!

One of the more touching moments of the night was when Thomas, who stood to benefit most from Frasor’s absence, looked directly at his friend and teammate to offer some encouragement. “When you got hurt this year, I know it affected everybody but it affected me a lot, just because I knew everything you were going through in the summer and all the hard work you were going through. I told everybody this year especially in the media, they were constantly asking about opportunities for me when Bobby went down or Ty got hurt, but I never took it as that. The more power we had on this team was when everybody was playing. I wish you the best. I love you to death. I can’t wait to see you back out there next year.”



Help Pack Football Player Start his New Career?

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Is his new career furniture salesman?

Making t-shirts to save the world.

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This seems pretty lame to me.

To symbolize Duke’s commitment to sustainable environmental practices, recycling and water conservation, the Cameron Crazies – Duke’s enthusiastic student fans – will wear green shirts emblazoned with the slogan, “BLEED BLUE, LIVE GREEN,” the university announced.  

I’m all for conservation.  But do you really need to make a bunch of t-shirts to be worn once and then discarded, winding up at Thriftworld most likely.   North Carolina’s state motto is “To be, rather than to seem.”  This is the opposite of that.  Does Coach K even believe in global warming? Is he still glad Bush won* the 2000 election

*If by winning, you mean losing the popular vote and winning the electoral college after the Supreme Court ruled to stop the recount.

Key to Spurs victory: Al Dente!

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The recent Spurs revival is not just the result of superior tactics and effort according to coach Juande Ramos, but due also to solid home ec. skills.

“Every player has been given an individual diet. We knew that it was necessary.”

Dr Escribano’s instructions cover the preparation of menus and guidelines on what the team are allowed to eat and drink at home as well as when they are at away fixtures.

The directives include a strict time limit on for how long spaghetti should be boiled, which 20 rice sauces are banned and the dozen central ingredients in the players’ salads. 

I’d also suggest they avoid lasagna





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The way it should have gone.  I’m ordering my t-shirt tomorrow.

Ric’s Playoff System for College Football

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Okay, to make up for Dave’s slackness, here’s something to chew on. We all know that college football is in chaos because it relies on the same system as ice skating to determine it’s champion. Here’s my solution.

You take the winners of each of the BCS conferences as well as two at large bids. You then seed them(I used BCS rankings to seed them). There are many ways they could be seeded, which would be what the arguments would be about. This is roughly the way it would look for this year.

ACC Representative: Virginia Tech 3rd Seed/3rd Seed

Big Ten: Ohio State 1st Seed/ 1st Seed

Big 12: Oklahoma 4th Seed/4th Seed

SEC: LSU 2nd Seed/2nd Seed

Pac-10:USC 5th Seed or 7th Seed

Big East: West Virginia 6th seed or 8th Seed

At-Large bid:Georgia 7th Seed or 5th Seed

At-Large bid:Missouri 8th Seed or 6th Seed

You get rid of the bull shit 12th regular season game. You can still let the rest of .500 and above teams play in the Krusty Burger Sandwich Bowl. You have 7 games in the playoffs that can be held at the various traditional BCS bowl sites (Rose, Sugar, Fiesta, Orange) plus a few others that could garner some serious dough. Sure, Hawai would be whining. But if you win all your games and you’re still only ranked 10th in the country, well, tough fucking luck. At least you’re in Hawai and you can cry in your tropical, girly drink.

Thanks. Give me my sack of money.

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