News Flash: Dookies are Republicans!

December 12, 2007 at 12:13 pm | Posted in Snake Diesel | 3 Comments

I know… I’m as shocked as you are to learn that. Thankfully, WRAL has uncovered the cold hard facts:

A quick note: the majority of those polled across the Triangle region were Democrats (or Other); so yes, Democrats make up the bulk of fans for all teams in this poll. However, with that in mind, Dook and State garnered 60% of the total Republican support. Dook’s actual numbers are just outside the margin of error to be deadlocked between their party allegiances.

Dook fans:
45% Democrat
40% Republican
15% Other (presumably Libertarians or members of the Illuminati)

UNC fans:
58% Democrat
25% Republican
17% Other (influential anti-corporation authors, Nobel Prize winners, etc.)


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