Carolina Overwhelmingly Rad

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Performances like the two that the Tar Heels had this weekend are absolutely the kind that title winners have. Arkansas may have played poorly, but even if they had played well, they probably would have lost by 20. Sure, there is no reason to get carried away by two expected wins, but watching this team play their best basketball of the season in March is so encouraging. If Carolina plays like that, I’m not sure anyone can beat them. I think we were starting to see this team right before Lawson went down, and while it did take a bit of time for him to find his confidence, this team is awfully difficult to stop with Tywon running things. We also saw the Deon Thompson that we had hoped would adequately replace Brandan Wright for the first time all season. I’m not saying he was as good, but he was contesting penetration (heh) and just awesome on the offensive end. Washington State will certainly offer a different challenge, and the four best teams in the East will be in Charlotte. Hard not feel confident anyways, no?

Dook sucks. How fantastic is it that DBR had to shut down its boards on Saturday? You might think it was due to trolls, but really it was tons of irate Dook supporters. Dook certainly has lost a bit of luster and when considering that Coach K is on TV more than reruns of Leave It To Beaver, they should be competing for the title every year. I do think some of them have gone overboard though. Dook out-performed most of the pre-season expectations and the Nolan Smith injury killed them. At any rate, I fully support any movement to fire the rat!

Dook Jr. does not suck. I’m no fan of small elite private schools and the Wildcats are pretty hard to support. The were clearly under-seeded and Wisconsin better be ready. I do wonder how they got to play Georgetown in North Carolina. Not too much though.

One shining muppet. A leg of lamb? Premiership lowlights.


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