Green Prefers The Cannonball

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Dan Wiederer has some actual news about Danny Green. Danny Green Sr:

“Danny Green is not just testing the waters,” he says. “Everybody’s put that out there, that he’s just testing the waters. Well he’s not. If Danny is going to get drafted and we think he’s going to be able to get a contract, he is going to the NBA. No questions asked. Let’s make that clear.”

Apparently Mr. Green has been taking the metaphor literally. Danny is not testing the waters, but instead he’s testing  whether or not he’ll get an NBA contract. Oh.

The general tone seems a bit tense but then Danny Green Sr. adds:

“as of right now, there is no downside to the situation Danny is in. The whole idea of going to a school like North Carolina to play basketball is to try to position yourself to get into the league, to get a contract. If Danny can realize that dream right now, why not seize the opportunity?”

True enough , except that there is a downside if he passes up a lot of money by leaving too early. I think Danny will get drafted. I recognize that all those draft sites are not listing him and I imagine that this article is an attempt to get Danny’s name back in the mix. Now, those draft sites surely know more about the draft than I do, but in my opinion Danny Jr. is a pretty intriguing prospect. Once he finishes working out and playing in camp,  I think he’ll be seen as one of the top 50 players in the draft. In the end he’ll probably have a legitimate shot at being drafted in the first round and a legitimate risk of not being drafted in the first round.

Eddy Landreth mentions how long this process takes. Nice job poo-holes! Manure do the double. During the game, my boy Ed Geth and I were debating who we would like to miss the crucial penalty the most. My list: 1. John Terry 2. Ashley Cole 3. Cristiano Ronaldo, 4. Frank Lampard 5. Ryan Giggs That of course took into consideration Drogba and Shrek being off the pitch for various dumb decisions. England v. the Nats! I don’t think San Antonio is coming back from this.


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