Will Thursday Ever Get Here?

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How can we work this week with a huge Carolina basketball game to think about?
An interesting read on how Washington State have become a top program. Tony the top Hoosier candidate? I do remember Tony playing for the Hornets. He’s a much better coach. Seriously though, I admire coaches that can go into to tough places and turn around a program. The Cougars hardly have the tradition of California, USC, Arizona, or Washington. Yet they’ve finished in the top 3 of the Pac-10 two years in a row. One of the reasons I respected Herb Sendek was that he used a very smart system to try and recruit players in an otherwise extremely difficult environment. How do you convince the Hodges, Simmons, and Costners to come to State over Carolina, Wake, or Dook? Herb found a way when the odds were against them. Dick Bennett has, albeit with a different system, managed to compete in a similar environment. Sure the basketball can be hard to watch when you are so used to the beautiful basketball we play, but there is quite a bit to admire in their program. We also might have a bit of inside information:

“Wes Miller, who was one of the great kids that I’ve been fortunate enough to coach, was in London this past Christmas and decided that he didn’t want to go back, that he wants to get into coaching. So Wes and I sat down and picked out several schools around the country that he would interested in watching them practice and see them play. So we talked and one of the schools was Washington State. And so I wrote Tony a letter, and bottom line is, they welcomed Wes Miller in with open arms. He watched tape, he watched them practice, they were nice to him. When you’re doing that for somebody else just as a favor, it shows what kind of character you have. I was really pleased with Tony.”

The Cougars better be ready though, because they have not faced anything similar to Carolina basketball. More on that tomorrow. Adam Lucas posts a new mailbag. ESPN has two nice features on Q and Danny. Ken Pomeroy has the latest Log5 analysis.

Baseball Over/Unders. Plaschke and Pierre….I just don’t find this funny. Good news for Bulls! Poland and the Nats play for no good reason. Canes get a point. Dook is lame.


Carolina Overwhelmingly Rad

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Performances like the two that the Tar Heels had this weekend are absolutely the kind that title winners have. Arkansas may have played poorly, but even if they had played well, they probably would have lost by 20. Sure, there is no reason to get carried away by two expected wins, but watching this team play their best basketball of the season in March is so encouraging. If Carolina plays like that, I’m not sure anyone can beat them. I think we were starting to see this team right before Lawson went down, and while it did take a bit of time for him to find his confidence, this team is awfully difficult to stop with Tywon running things. We also saw the Deon Thompson that we had hoped would adequately replace Brandan Wright for the first time all season. I’m not saying he was as good, but he was contesting penetration (heh) and just awesome on the offensive end. Washington State will certainly offer a different challenge, and the four best teams in the East will be in Charlotte. Hard not feel confident anyways, no?

Dook sucks. How fantastic is it that DBR had to shut down its boards on Saturday? You might think it was due to trolls, but really it was tons of irate Dook supporters. Dook certainly has lost a bit of luster and when considering that Coach K is on TV more than reruns of Leave It To Beaver, they should be competing for the title every year. I do think some of them have gone overboard though. Dook out-performed most of the pre-season expectations and the Nolan Smith injury killed them. At any rate, I fully support any movement to fire the rat!

Dook Jr. does not suck. I’m no fan of small elite private schools and the Wildcats are pretty hard to support. The were clearly under-seeded and Wisconsin better be ready. I do wonder how they got to play Georgetown in North Carolina. Not too much though.

One shining muppet. A leg of lamb? Premiership lowlights.

Monday Is Not So Bad, Eh?

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The Monday after the clocks spring forward can be a tough one. Fortunately, we can read all about Saturday night. I don’t have much time this morning, but I really do think Coach K should take some heat for the loss. We might have won anyways, but trying to limit possessions at home, up 2, with 5:44 left is completely weak. Dook started out tight and had no idea what to do with Carolina’s excellent, switch on every screen, man-to-man defense. Still, from the 8 minute mark until the last six minutes, they played very good basketball. Why would a team who was scoring so effectively stop doing what had given them the lead? It is inexplicable. Even if there had only been three minutes left, you can’t sit on a 2 point lead against one of the best offenses in basketball. Ridiculous, and I can’t believe how many writers are giving him a pass.

Barry Jacobs mentions that the Devils had this game. Dan Huffman thinks Carolina was just more mature. Pat Ford thinks Carolina is the favorite. Adam Lucas is emotional. Aaron Beard says Dook started and finished terribly. Lawson thinks he’ll be 100% by next weekend. Tyler was not touched? Lennox Rawlings notes that a rematch is not all that likely. Brett Friedlander writes that the game somehow lived up to the hype. Bill Cole ddoesn’t think we are satisfied. Dascenzo wonders if there could be a fourth meeting. Tar Heel Fan has the best picture! ACC tournament pairings. Out of time.

The Rat F*cked Up

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Sitting on a two point lead with six minutes left…classic Dook….that picture says it all.

ACC Champions!

Carolina Will Win on Saturday

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There. I said it. We are going to win by 15. Yeah, Pomeroy has Dook winning by 6. Vegas has Dook as two point favorites. No way those diving douche bags are beating us though. Why? Well I compared the two sides using my JMP algorithm and it turns out that DeMarcus Nelson must end his career in Cameron like his good pals did. It is what those ass hats do, and DeMarcus knows that inside that he is one of them. I do have a good feeling about Saturday and I almost never have a good feeling. I’m not sure what that means but I can’t even consider another result.

Eli Kaberon writes that this is the best rivalry. ‘Noni Juice’ is not a sentence. No wonder it has taken so long for Tywon to get back. Is Marc Davis into folk medicine? Has Deon been treating his knee with aroma therapy? Anyways the Noni juice article has some pornographic quotes if you are into that kind of thing (Ed Geth). Too bad Jon Scheyer didn’t say it, really. Kelly Whiteside writes a plot summary. Frank Dascenzo features Wayne Ellington and mentions that :

Guarding him is not easy. Stopping him isn’t, either.

Further down Frank mentions:

The problem he presents is obvious. You cannot leave him alone and guarding him isn’t easy.

Solid Analysis. Barry Jacobs asks what else Psycho can do? Stay undefeated in Cameron! Andrew Skawara believes Lawson’s injury was a blessing in disguise. Does that make Ryan Reid a priest? Luciana Chavez notes that you can immerse yourself in the rivalry starting at midnight. Caulton goes with Dook and the green sweater vest.I suppose he thinks we could do it if Tywon was out. Eddy Landreth is pumped. I am not calm.

The Washington Times breaks down ACC tiebreakers. Premiership previews. Canes are rolling.



Nothing Else To Think About

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		     Pace    PPP     PPP      EM
 1.  North Carolina   75.0    1.13    0.98   +0.15

2.  Duke             75.7    1.12    0.99   +0.13 

Couldn’t be much closer, really. Those tempo free stats include games in which we were missing Tywon. There is little question that we’ll need him to play well on Saturday. He seems up for it:

But even with a left hip pointer delaying his plans for a seamless transition back into the starting lineup for Saturday’s pivotal game at Duke, Lawson is determined to provide the spark that was missing in the Tar Heels’ loss to the arch rivals last month.

“It’s at their place and it’s their Senior Night, and I want to ruin that,” Lawson said.

I want that too. I want to see DeMarcus Nelson cry like Hillary Clinton before a primary. I want to see the rat whisper into his ear, mid-embrace, about how it isn’t his fault that he lost his last three games in Cameron against Carolina. I want to see those Jersey ass hats cry for him. Ruin is not strong enough. Oh. Please let this happen. Um. I’m getting a little too aroused. OK.

A. J. Carr uses a regrettable ‘free’ headline in his feature on Danny. Bob Thomas writes that the rivalry is very unique. The Greensboro News-Record notes that this is the first time since 1991 that Dook and Carolina enter the last game tied for first. Hard to believe, actually. Tar Heel Fan is not concerned about the douche bags. Grant Wahl has some b-side info on Tyler. Doesn’t seem like he’ll be anywhere but Chapel Hill next season.

Yoni Cohen takes a shot at State Fans Nation. I prefer shimmy shimmy. Like a fresh turd. Canes win first of a tough back to back. I had more, but whatevers. More Dook analysis bashing tomorrows.

Mailing This One In

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Greg Barnes writes a fine tribute to Q-tip. More than anyone ever wanted to know about Carolina’s Blues Brothers. Andrew Jones mentions that Tyler is making ‘one heck of a case‘.

Mad Dog has some nice curtains. Scheyerface! Premiership previews. Hurricanes with a big win! Will we do it again?

I strongly considered doing some statistical analysis on the player of the year candidates and also previewing Wake Forest. A lie in was more appealing though.

Heels Back In ACC Title Race. Maybe.

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Saturday was anything but ugly. Sunday was almost as good too. First, a few links and thoughts on the first blowout since January. We got fast break points! Without Tywon Lawson! I’m not sure exactly how many, but I figured the Hokies would make things very difficult for us and instead we had our way with them. We were huge on the boards and for most of the game Virginia Tech could not buy a basket. Roy was very pleased with the defensive effort:

I think it was our best defensive game of the year, but let’s be honest–they missed some shots that they normally would make. You look at their field goal percentage for both halves right at 26 percent. If we could keep everybody–and if we had been playing defense like that the whole season it would really [have] been a fun time.

We’ll see if Carolina can play that well this week against N.C. State and Wake Forest. I think we have seen more aggression and perhaps even better defensive rebounding. Still not convinced we are great…but if we can get Tywon back…maybe we don’t need to be great. The Hokies came into the game really fighting it on offense and so for me our offensive performance was much more impressive. Only Dook had been playing better defense. Q-Tip is a legend! THF looks around the ACC. With Wake Forest’s huge upset last night, the Heels have a chance to share the conference title. We’ll probably need to win out, but it did seem like Dook was capable of running the table. Well done Demon Deacons! Adam Lucas welcomes the familiar feeling. You have until 2 to ask Marcus a question. Greg Little came in after a few seconds.

Canes on a roll? The Dolphins are even ruining other sport for me now. Ken Pomeroy looks at the zebras. FA Cup lowlights. Baseball Prospectus has the final projected 2008 standings. We have a new defensive coordinator.

Lawson Not Expected To Return on Saturday

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Roy says:

“Last Saturday when we made the decision that Ty was not going to play against Clemson, we decided that at point that he was also not going to play against Virginia, and we were going to hold him out of everything until Thursday of this week and see if those extra four or five days would really help him a great deal. So I’m anxious to see what he can do on Thursday and see how much pain he will have. I’ll be honest with you, I really do not expect for him to play against Virginia Tech, but we’ll have to wait and see.”

“Every injury is different and the only person that knows is the guy that has it. He’s the only one that knows how much pain he has. We tried him Thursday of last week – just some simple up-and-down stuff – and he couldn’t do it. And on top of that, the next day it was much more painful than it was on Thursday… No one knows what that one person is going through. And so that’s the way we looked at it and Ty’s still having pain.

“And the other thing is, a Roy Williams or a Woody Durham – how you play, you may not need certain parts of your body as much as other guys. Alex Stepheson is a muscle guy. Well, Ty Lawson’s feet are what enables him to be really, really effective. And if his feet are hurt, if the motor is hurt, you can’t push it. And I think that’s something that everybody’s got to understand as well.”

There were some rumblings that Roy was unhappy with Tywon and several message boards were full of ‘Ty needs to suck it up’ crap. Good to hear that isn’t the case. Coach Williams is just anxious to get one of the best players in the coutry back on the court. I think we can all understand that. John Gasaway posted updated tempo-free conference stats:

Remember all the angst and hand-wringing over North Carolina’s defense a few weeks ago? That was before Ty Lawson went down four minutes into the Florida State game on February 3. Now the object of concern should be the Tar Heel offense. Without Lawson, Carolina has eked out just 1.03 points per trip over the past four games, including last night’s one-point win at Virginia. (The defense, conversely, has shown no change.) Roy Williams needs Lawson to return healthy and soon.

I didn’t need a computer to know that but it is interesting to see how dramatic the difference is. Gregg Found gets Bobby Frasor to talk about sharing a bathroom with Tyler Hansbrough. David Glenn does something with brackets. Should be a fun game on Saturday. How is Jim Nantz not on this list? Greivis is fly, man. Holy f8ck that game was awful. Did anyone see Vitale’s grandkids wearing all that Dook shite? Unbelievable.


How We Can Beat Dook Without Ty Lawson

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Good morning, Posse! I’ll get right to the links this morning as there are plenty. Roy has no idea whether or not Tywon will play. Caulton Tudor writes that Ty will play only in an emergency. I assume he does not mean a literal emergency or maybe being behind by 10 to Dook is considered an emergency? Then, Tudor gets all analytical:

“At 21-1 overall and 6-1 in the conference, Carolina has won with its usual consistency. But that imposing record makes it easy to lose track of the fact that the Heels have an unbalanced offensive equation. For long stretches of most games, starters Marcus Ginyard and Deon Thompson don’t score enough to become major defensive concerns for opponents.

Um, actually our offense is effin rad, Caulton. See those 4 players with offensive ratings above 115 and the 6 with ratings above 100? Maybe he meant unbalanced in weight or something. Caulton continues:

“Most basketball coaches are masters of percentage thinking. If they see the slightest chance to use 5-on-4 or 5-on-3 defensive strategies, they’ll go that route until an opponent forces them to try something else.”

Holy F*ck. We are in trouble. Apparently the rat has some strategies that will force us to play with less men tonight. I mean I know the rat is evil….but homicide? Finally we get the classic Caulton finish:

“But there are miles yet to ride for Carolina, and Williams won’t risk a season over one game unless he’s sure there’s no risk involved.”

Oh. Honestly I prefer Dookie V to William Packer. Though tonight….and I’ll surely regret saying this…I might prefer Packer. He’ll talk about the game. Some. As for Lawson, I don’t think he should play. Jessie H . Nunery says Dook will win tonight. He offers irrefutable evidence:

“These Blue Devils, despite their youth, know how to win. Their thirst for victory begins with senior forward DeMarcus Nelson, whose play has been consistently praised by Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski. The Blue Devils have the recipe to knock off the Tar Heels with freshman Kyle Singler’s brilliance on the wing and guards Jon Scheyer and Greg Paulus’ ability to knock down shots.”

We really need to out thirsty Dook tonight and somebody has to get that recipe for knocking off. If you are still obsessed with ‘the foul’ …well…don’t be. Carolina March links to the newspaper war. David Glenn has three keys for tonight, none of which are scoring more points than Dook. Tar Heel Fan has tons and thinks we will win by 12. IC says the tables have turned. Enough links for me…though there are tons more.

What do I think? I think Dook sucks! I can’t stand the thought of losing to Dook. Really. Still this is a Dook team that might beat us with Lawson. They are very, very good. They play much faster than last year’s team and the defense is quite formidable. Yes, we match up well inside against them but if we are to have any chance, we must limit them to one shot and execute extremely effectively in the half court. (My run-on analysis!) We could do that. I’m cautiously optimistic that Q won’t have a nightmare. That said, I think the odds are in Dook’s favor tonight if not the spread. We are favored by 5.

IC has full singing day coverage! Apparently there is a football game tonight too. Finally…


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