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No news about Wayne, Tywon, or Danny. All three have a legitimate shot at being drafted in the first round. All three have a legitimate risk of not being drafted in the first round. Did Roy endorse Obama? It was really more of a prediction than an endorsement. We at JMP are endorsing him though. Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday or even better, vote this week as there are three days left of early voting!

Roy should call up Paulie P and tell him to cut this out. All Twat English Cash Final. Go OBAMA!


More Obama + Heels

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Apparently this morning Obama played a little pick up with the fellas.  Let’s hope Tyler didn’t go all Psycho T on him. 

More coverage in the N&O.

But overcoming the likes of Tyler Hansbrough, the national collegiate player of the year, proved difficult for the 46-year-old presidential hopeful.

With more than a dozen members of the national press corps and several local TV crews watching on the sidelines, Obama took on the tough center, but missed to a resounding “ooh.”

“I thought I had one over the national player of the year,” the candidate said.

Obama kept up with the run-and-gun pace for at least five minutes before benching himself. When he got back in the game, Coach Roy Williams called a play.

“You’ve got the future president of the United States wide open,” Williams told his players.



No News

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And if there is news. . . . I’ll probably be too busy working for Barack Obama to blog.

Tar Heel Fan should have any news should there be some. Have a great weekend!

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