If It Is Broke, Break it More

May 27, 2008 at 8:50 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 2 Comments
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So, O.J. Mayo makes a fraud out of college basketball and respected journalists write that the age limit should be extended. What?

Basketball is a great game, but the sport is fractured. We again were reminded of that when ESPN’s Outside the Lines reported USC star O.J. Mayo was paid thousands of dollars by an agent’s “runner” while Mayo played high school ball and one season with the Trojans.

I guess he’s making a case for getting rid of the age limit. No age limit = no thousand dollar USC season. Thanks for finally exposing this, Mike.

Would an increase in the NBA’s draft age minimum to 20 fix everything?

Goodness, no.

So refreshing.

There’s one reason I’m certain it’s a good move, though: Many agents think it’s a bad one.

Perfectly illogical. If (a) agents are evil and (b) agents like something than (c) that something is evil.

For too long, there has been no attention paid to basketball’s bottom line. In 1994, before the NBA’s introduction of a rookie salary scale essentially invited high school players into the draft, 19 percent of Americans identified basketball — college (8 percent) or pro (11) — as their favorite sport. Now it’s down to 8 percent, split evenly between the two. David Falk, who gained fame as Michael Jordan’s agent, believes the players association should recognize how the decline in popularity affects them and support increasing the age minimum.

What does this have to with the player? This logic is even more ridiculous. No one could argue that the rule is not good for the huge college programs or even the NBA. I thought we were talking about O.J. Mayo here. He lost a big pay day and now is being ripped for taking a tiny fraction of what he could have made if the league was not denying him the right to make a living doing what he loves, even though he is an adult. So Mike wants to add a year!

Roy honored for being a mountain man. Tony Barnhart seems high on our gridiron chances. I’m not shocked. Spittle the key? Hockey is a real sport. David Glenn blogs about what it takes to make college gridiron a real sport. Nats excited about three friendly beatings. DEAN WINDASS! I’ve known this for years. Very smooth, Princess Di.


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