Stepheson Leaving

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AS Ed Geth mentioned this morning, Alex Stepheson is transferring. Most of the discussion on the message boards question Alex’s intentions. Is he really leaving because of his family’s heath concerns or is he leaving because UNC might have the only basketball program where he can’t start? I blogged a bit about this in January and it is very silly to question this decision. It does not matter why he decided that Carolina is not for him right now. The timing of this shows that Alex made a careful decision about his future and it seems to me any Carolina supporter must respect that. Best of luck to Alex!

Jon Weisman seems only half as frustrated as I am. Wesley Flagg is off the gridiron team. Tar Heel Fan has a new address. Great game last night. Let us stop with the Nique-Bird stuff though. First off, LeBron did not have any teammates being doubled, while KG was doubled every time he touched the ball. That Cleveland made it a series with the Celtics, shows us how good LeBron James is at basketball. Plenty of credit is due to Paul Pierce, but the game isn’t one on one and honestly Boston is better at every other spot and this thing went into the final minute of game 7 still undecided. If anything it was closer to Jordan’s duel with Bird. If Cleveland can find a few competent players to surround James with, they’ll be winning titles.

BWAHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHAAA. To be traded you must have value, douche bag.

Out of time, now. . . back to work.


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