Justin Watts A Tar Heel

May 21, 2008 at 8:52 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel, Lates Links | 3 Comments
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Congratulations and a warm welcome from the Posse to Justin Watts. Watts is a bull city boy and will suit up for the Heels next season unless Roy decides to red-shirt him. This does come as a pretty big surprise and it inevitably leads one to believe that at least one of Wayne, Tywon, or Danny are likely to leave. I think Roy is most likely just hedging his bets, though. We can’t get too carried away with assumptions about what the very late signing means. After all, there is still no news about Wayne, Tywon, or Danny. All three have a legitimate shot at being drafted in the first round. All three have a legitimate risk of not being drafted in the first round. With Frasor’s injury issues it would be very difficult to count on him and if all three left; Ginyard, Frasor, and Drew would be the only true guards on the roster. I love Will Graves, but I’m not sure we want him bringing the ball down tho court. (Actually, I’m pretty sure about this) To me, it is similar to the signing of Mike Copeland. I don’t know if it is better to use a scholarship to have guaranteed depth with little star potential or whether it is better to save it for a top 100 recruit. Roy does know though, and so there shouldn’t be too many complaints. Anyways. . .the last three-star player we signed out of Durham worked out pretty well, no?

She can’t be worse than Cleo Lemon. Spike Lee and MJ? Is it wrong to root for a riot? I did own a Mike Piazza jersey. Strong claim about the Eastern Conference from Basketball Prospectus. Have a lovely Wednesday.


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