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  1. This site is kind of disturbing. Is it something to do with 2CT-7?

  2. The Boston Celtics just signed yours truely to a one-year contract. Hellz yeah Jackie still got a posse!!

  3. Hey Jackie …. congrats on joining the C’s …. bet yeah can’t wait to practice with the Three Muskateers! Should be a fun season …. can’t wait … good luck!

  4. you’re on my blogroll now JM – good luck with Boston!

  5. 🙂

  6. Jackie is a hasbeen, never a factor at UNC, outshadowed by his teammates.
    Celtics will have you ride the pine

  7. You just proved you know nothing.Jackie a non factor at UNC? really? I see by the name you are some punk dook fan so let me remind you there is more to basketball than 3 pointers and flopping constantly hoping the refs call the game the way your rat coach wants.

  8. yeah man and one player has kept your team from losing at least 5 games this year, thats definitely what its about right?
    i can see you’re another incompetent UNC fan

  9. in the pro’s, hansbrough will be lucky to get any real play time. he’ll be subpar at best.
    unc lives off the foul line.

  10. you keep talking and proving my point of you pretty much being an idiot.Tyler is playing great and deserves Player of Year.And as a dook fan its really cute when you try to talk about players making it in the NBA.I hope the wolfpack beats that ass today

  11. I cant wait for duke to woop that tarhole ass on saturday.

  12. 3 straight in Cameron,ouch.Glad for your pride you beat us without a lottery Pick Point Guard in Feb.

  13. “in the pro’s, hansbrough will be lucky to get any real play time. he’ll be subpar at best.
    unc lives off the foul line.”

    If this is so, how did UNC spank Dook without the NATIONAL PLAYER OF THE YEAR shooting a single free throw?{BTW you last NPOY had to share it with someone else ;)}


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