Uncle Beast Fister?

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I was reading up on Tyler’s slightly younger brother Ben, a freshman guard for Mississippi St. They were on the losing end of that West Virginia shot repeated over and over on Sportscenter that knocked them out of the NIT semi-final. His profile reads nicely enough and then there’s the part about his uncle: “His uncle, Sean ‘The Beast’ Fister, is a three-time RE/MAX World Long Drive Golf Champion.” That family’s athletic accolades and conquests never cease to amaze….

Kind of Like Winning

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You would think someone could’ve proofed the t-shirt design, even if it is just the NIT…

Lates Links

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Lady Heels leave for Cleveland. The game with Tennessee is Sunday night around 9ish.
Dave Sez has trys to cheer us up on the second consecutive ACC free Final Four. Guess Jim Nantz’s cliche. Gus Johnson. Ken Pomeroy sizes up the teams. Dook girls smell like cabbage. David Glenn has part two of his early look at 07-08 ACC. England would be good if they were not England. Railhawkstailgate!

Smoove T

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Lates Links

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Ten Shining Moments. Tar Heel Fan watched the game again. Biggest loss still to come? Tom Sorenson writes that Williams has been down this road before.

Carolina has a less that 41% shot of making the playoffs after last night’s abortion. I really thought the San Jose victory was a sign that this team was ready for a playoff run, but this road trip was a reality check. This team can be really good and really bad, and it appears a bit too much of the latter will keep them at home in April. Red and Black thinks its over.

Euro 2008 roundup. ZZZZZZZZZZ.

The media acknowledges a Dook message board. Chelski supporters toss salad. Steve Phillips is a moron. Buffalo finally win something. My clubs came in at 80, 73, 60, and 10. Brevity is the soul of wit“. Seth continues his war with Murray. Scroll down for the pic. Best Closer music?

Reyshawn Threatens Massacre

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Not sure how I missed this.

Still, my CBS colleague, Billy Packer, is not impressed with Terry. In an interview this week with New York’s WFAN radio, Packer called Terry soft.

“Terry, in my estimation, has always played soft,” Packer said. He later added: “There are some guys that know how to play hurt and there are some guys that don’t.”

When I asked Terry his thoughts on the comments by Packer, Terry responded: “Anyone who thinks I’m soft doesn’t know s— about basketball.”

“He has his opinion,” Terry said of Packer. “Billy Packer has been around the game long enough to know better. Soft? That’s foolish. It’s offensive to be called that. I try not to let that sort of stuff bother me but I will say that if Billy Packer played in my day, I would bust his ass. It would be a massacre.”

Lates Links

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The Lady Heels are headed to the Final Four!

David Glenn looks ahead to next season. Jim Young talks to Marcus Ginyard about it. Roy Williams on the radio. Yoni Cohen writes about the Final Four.

Interested in the US Congress’s Hearing on Exclusive Sports Programming: Examining Competition and Consumer Choice?

The Nats will experiment tonight against Guatemala. It could be tough for the Hurricanes to rebound from their worst performance of the season. Euro 2008 qualifying today. Cam was bad, the D was worse and to have that kind of performance in such a big game is not encouraging. Philly tonight.

Snake Pit?

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I’m all for gender equality, but the Arizona Diamondbacks have gone too far with their new logo.

Lates Links

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A Day after calling the Heels lazy, Dascenzo turns in Monday’s column on Tuesday. KenTysiac writes that the drama is not done. Nolan Hayes says 07-08 will be different. Bob Pickeral believes it was a lack of maturity. DaveSez has thoughts on a Blue Monday. Scott Fowler thinks the Heels blew it.

1. Danny Green jacks up a long 3-pointer, which Billy Packer rips on-air as a bad shot. 2. Ty Lawson turns the ball over. To me, there’s only one real difference in this UNC team and the one that won the 2005 national championship: the 2007 version didn’t have Rashad McCants. For all of McCants’ personality flaws, he was a closer. If you were a UNC fan, you wanted him shooting a 3-pointer in the final minute. This 2007 team had a Sean May (Tyler Hansbrough), a Raymond Felton (Ty Lawson) and a better version of Marvin Williams (Brandan Wright). But it did not have a McCants. Reyshawn Terry came the closest, but it wasn’t very close. 5. Green jacks up another quick 3 that misses — Packer rips the shot on-air. We’ve got a pattern. 6. Tyler Hansbrough misses a 10-foot hook. 7. Wayne Ellington misses a 3-pointer. 8. Lawson misses a 3. Georgetown is now within three points at 75-72. Why aren’t the Tar Heels force-feeding the ball inside to Hansbrough and Wright? It worked all game. It worked all season. It is what they do best in the half-court offense. 14. On the Tar Heels’ last shot of regulation, with the score tied at 81, Ellington misses a 3 that would have won the game. Ellington got a clear look. But you don’t want your season riding on the jump shot of Ellington, who was 2-for-11 Sunday and has not exactly established a Captain Clutch reputation. 18. Terry misses a 3. 19. Terry misses a 12-footer. 20. Ellington misses a 3. 21. Green misses a 3. 22. Green misses another 3. Jim Nantz says on-air: “I’ve never seen a quality team go this cold.”No kidding. But it never would have happened had the Tar Heels stayed with their meat and potatoes instead of trying to skip ahead to dessert.

It is hard to argue that North Carolina did not take some bad shots in the last ten minutes. Still shots 6,7, and 8 were all pretty good shots and someone who re-watched the game should have seen why the Tar Heels were initially not forcing it inside to Wright. He had just left the game with a phantom 4th foul. At the time, thats was only slightly concerning (to me at least), but we really missed him on both ends of the floor. The fact the Fowler does not even mention the zone which made it extremely difficult to get the ball inside to the’meat and potatoes’ reveals the oversimplicity of his analysis. Against a packed in zone you have to make outside shots to open it up. Fowler also neglects to note the last few poseessions preceding Ellington’s miss.

3:48 — 77-72, UNC; UNC: Wright hits two foul shots

2:59 — UNC: Reyshawn Terry misses 3-pointer

2:26 — 79-76, UNC; UNC: Hansbrough hits two foul shots

1:40 — 81-78, UNC; UNC: Hansbrough layup

0:45 — UNC: Missed jumper by Hansbrough

0:02 — UNC: Ellington misses 3-pointer

Looks like both meat and potato got the ball in 4 of our last 6 posessions. Poor shot selection is only part of the story, and it is the easiest to write/moan about. Scott Fowler is an fturd.The Feed imagines a conversation between Ewing and Jordan. Big Ten Wonks that the Heels might have been fortunate to be ahead by 11.

Jack Johnson signs with the Kings. Carolina visits the Leafs tonight. Erin Andrews is grossed out. Sp*rs need to lock up Berbatov. Roeder blames the badge. Jesus and Bowling. Dook Sucks. Headline of the day .

Lates Links

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Thad Williamson writes that we must embrace the heartbreak. Post-game quotes. Carlton Tudor believes that Georgetown did not win in OT. Frank Dascezo says the Heels were lazy. Frank Dascenzo is a fturd. Bill Cole has already moved on to next season. Tar Heel Fan hurts. Adam Lucas reflects. 850 ther buzz has intereviews and more. I deleted it.

The Nats looked impressive, especially Landycakes. Euro 2008 roundup.

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