Everyone’s Favorite Announcer is Deaf…

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to his critics, that is.

Roger Van Der Horst tries to portray Billy Packer in a somewhat sympathetic light, but you can’t shine a turd. 

He’s a political junkie who’d just as soon talk about a campaign as he would a season.  

My idea of hell is talking politics with Mr. Cash’s former pitchman.  I’m fairly certain he’s a right wing windbag.   

He collects art, with a particular fondness for Picasso ceramic plates.

From my limited understanding, Picasso was a bald dickhead as well.  But that’s not all he collects.

More than three decades later, in Seattle for the 1995 Final Four, Packer was scrambling to turn junk into jewels. During an open practice session Friday, Oklahoma State’s Bryant “Big Country” Reeves shattered the backboard with a dunk. Packer ran onto the court and started stuffing pieces of glass into his pockets. If the Cowboys went on to win the title, he could envision a $500,000 windfall in Big Country earrings, necklaces, pendants and the like.

That’s just pathetic.

Overall, he still comes across as a bitter old man.  Bitter his father wasn’t recognized as the genius he was.  Bitter that he didn’t become a head coach.  And uninterested that legions of fans despise him.  Still, this weekend’s worst announcing goes to Bob Wenzel during the Duke game; “HE COULD RUN FOR GOVERNOR!!!”.  What have ye wrought, Dickie V?  And by the way, how is Jay Bilas able to work for both CBS/ESPN? 

Four in a Row!

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Carlyle Cup

With wins in Basketball and Baseball over the weekend, the Carlyle Cup will rest in Tarheel hands for the fourth straight year.  I think.  As far as I know, there are 26 points to be won, and with those two wins, UNC should have 14.  The Carlyle Cup website has not been updated.  However, we can thank UNC men’s cross country, fencing, field hockey, women’s basketball and men’s soccer for erasing last years tie and putting UNC over the edge early despite our men’s basketball loss in February.

I don’t know why people don’t care about the Carlyle Cup.  I think it’s an underappreciated effort to get people rooting for all of our sports teams.  Sure, in the grand sceme of things it’s not a huge deal, but I’ve watched UNC cart the victory bell off the football field three years in a row now.  The Carlyle Cup is yet another object of superiority for UNC to hold over the heads of all those whiny, flopping Dook b*tches.  I say we embrace it!


Go Heels!

Key to Spurs victory: Al Dente!

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The recent Spurs revival is not just the result of superior tactics and effort according to coach Juande Ramos, but due also to solid home ec. skills.

“Every player has been given an individual diet. We knew that it was necessary.”

Dr Escribano’s instructions cover the preparation of menus and guidelines on what the team are allowed to eat and drink at home as well as when they are at away fixtures.

The directives include a strict time limit on for how long spaghetti should be boiled, which 20 rice sauces are banned and the dozen central ingredients in the players’ salads. 

I’d also suggest they avoid lasagna




Dear Charlotte

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I think it’s time to face reality.  Move the Bobcats to a region where they can be appreciated.  Nearly twenty of my friends and I made the trip from the Triangle to Charlotte for the Bobcats game against Kevin Durant and the Seattle Sonics.  The game was delightful, and the Bobcats organization goes out of its way to provide a relatively affordable and entertaining gameday experience, yet the arena was maybe two-thirds full.  On a saturday night?  I had a handful of extra tickets and I couldn’t get rid of them to save my life.  Twenty dollars for a professional sports event is a steal, and Charlotte can’t come through.
I can forgive the gaudy, overpriced guido bars that line the streets of downtown.  While I’m amazed that a self respecting pub can bring itself to charge four dollars for a Miller Lite after making me pay a cover just to have a few beers, I can’t blame them for making a buck where they can in a city of bankers and lawyers.  But the lack of interest in your professional sports franchises is just disgraceful.  Let the Bobcats move north so that they can be appreciated by real sports fans.  In exchange, this UNC fan will glady offer up the NCSU and Duke basketball programs.  Think it over.

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